fafner for metal ?

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  1. is i tell to you i'm going to buy a fafner + 2X12 what are you saying to me ?

    My favorite player are Mark King, Chris Squire and Geddy Lee.
    I also love Jonas Reingold of the Flower Kings

    I play in a Metal progressive band and have a lot of things to say with my bass.

    I start playing in 1990 !! so now it's time for me to buy such bassamp.
    - i do not like ampeg SVT3 at all
    - i like Ampeg B2R sound (so i may look at the B4R)

    I'm playing with finger, slap and tapping.

    Do you think that fafner + 2X12 is a good choice or may i look at the Ampeg B4R ?
  2. I would rather go with the Fafner and a 4 X 10 cab.
  3. JahKnow

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    A Fafner and two 4ohm Acme B-2's!!!!!!!!!

  4. I don´t own any of this stuff but, Six months ago I tried a Fafner with a 410 and a 212. The Fafner can produce almostany sound you wan´t and the 212 just adds some serious bottom to the 410. Although the 410 is very good as a standalone cab. I say if you got the money get the Fafner and the EBS 410. that is a very LOUD rig. And if you need more volume buy the 212!!!!:)

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  5. well, I play in a metal band myself and tested some rigs yesterday, I though the Fafner was really great for metal :D But the fafner + the 4*10" cab is prety expensive, so I don't know f I'm able to afford the complete rig :crying:
    I might get an Ampeg SVT3 or 4 pro too, I just don't know it yet, aaargh, hard decision
  6. Jackbass


    Dec 19, 2003
    Paris (FRANCE)
    If the fafner+ebs410 is too expensive for you, go for a fafner with ampeg 4*10 but don t take a svt3pro, it s much lower quality, dynamic and versatility.
  7. Niskamies


    Jan 13, 2004
    Or try out the HD350. For a the cabs, I would not take either one, not the Ampeg or the EBS. In my opinion Ashdown ABMs are the best cabs.
  8. Jackbass


    Dec 19, 2003
    Paris (FRANCE)
    I am a biig fan of EBS products, but I must admit I don t like the hd350.
    It s really different to the fafner, more synthetic sounding.
    Less warmth.