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Fender Bassman 100T Chapter 3

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Chef, Aug 27, 2013.

  1. Thank you for your response! This community sure is a knowledgeable bunch.
  2. oldskoolskatedad


    May 18, 2014
    So, have you made your decision yet? A few years back I found myself debating the same scenario, and though I ended up with way more gear than I "need", I couldn't be happier with my rig.

    After reading everything I could about the SB and the 100T, I decided on the 100T & a Neo410. I was quite certain that the power tube breakup at lower volume levels and the excellent DI post power tube feature was what I was after. And I loved it! But it did leave me wanting for more clean headroom so I added another neo410. This definitely added volume but not exactly the "weight" that Rodl2005 and Tim1 attributed to being delivered from the SB.

    So long story short, I now have a SB as well which makes for destructively amazing Ric-o-sound rig. I do not regret any of these purchases and will never part with any of it, but if I had started with a SB and neo410, which to me has way more clean headroom than the 100T and both 410s, it would have ended there.

    Not sure if this was helpful.

  3. That's so awesome it's offensive.
  4. frankzelf


    Jun 16, 2009
    I bought the 100T and the 610 Neo six years ago, and I'm more than happy with these, but was still curious what the Super Bassman would be like in a live situation, as we all know there's a big difference between how an amp reacts at home or on stage.
    Few years back I found one cheap with a 410 Neo and a 115 Neo (didn't care for the speakers at first, now I'm glad I have them) and couldn't be happier with both of them! They both are great amps, same preamp, different poweramp, SB is great for his big sound and headroom, the 100T for smaller gigs, recording and the not so clean sounds. Best amps I've heard.

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  5. PhatRon

    PhatRon I blow bass

    Feb 29, 2012
    Lake Stevens, Wa.
    Hey Bassman brothers,
    retiring from bands/gigging. Gonna put the 100T and 410 Neo up for sale. Any interest here before I post in classifieds? Know of anyone interested?
    PM me.
  6. Elder Rynok

    Elder Rynok

    Feb 23, 2016
    I bought the 100T, loved it but found it wanting for the groups/gigs I play for, paid the return shipping to SweetWater and traded for the SuperBassman. They were super helpful, and they even did advance replacement so I didn't have to go back to my Rumble for any gigs. I also managed to pick up a Heil PR40 for recording a full sound from the cab, and I have been nothing but amazed.

    I have a 2015 Rickenbacker, and have been toying with running the neck pickup into a guitar amp for some songs, but I need a way to have switchable so I don't loose the bridge when I need on the bass side. I'm thinking an AB/Y for the neck, then I'm still working on a way to recombine going into pedal board for bass. I assume yours is an older one with an outbound splitter, which would be a lot nicer than have 2 cables dangling from my bass.
  7. oldskoolskatedad


    May 18, 2014
    I am sure someone will correct me if I am wrong, but as far as I know all Rics, regardless of age, guitar or bass, with the Ric-o-sound feature are wired the same. The standard jack is a mono signal from both pups whereas the Ric-o-sound jack, with the use of a TRS cable into a splitter box or Y cable, splits the pups into their own mono signal. Unless I misunderstood your phrasing, you should never have 2 cables dangling from your bass, or at least not coming out of both jacks.

    In regards to your signal path, if I understand your intentions, you may not actually need to involve the Ric-o-sound jack at all. The easiest solution would be to run a mono cable out of the standard jack into your bass bedal board and then for songs using the neck pup and guitar amp, plug the cable into the guitar amp and use the 3-way selector to choose the neck pup only. If you didn't want to plug/unplug cables you could use a mono to mono/mono splitter before the bass pedal board and guitar amp and just mute or power on/off each amp as needed.
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  8. Elder Rynok

    Elder Rynok

    Feb 23, 2016
    If what you say is correct, you may have just blown my mind, when I read the manual, it sounded like, if I needed to plug one cable into each jack to get them independently. I'm going to have to test this tomorrow, I never messed with it because I didn't want 2 cables.

    In regards to the setup, what I want is 2/4 foot controllable options:
    1. Bridge->guitar amp and neck->bass amp at the same time
    2. Bridge & neck to bass amp, and only bridge to guitar amp
    3/4. These can be handle as muted extension of the other 2, but all bass or all guitar
  9. Freight Train

    Freight Train Earth-based Alternative Scientist, Sex Researcher Supporting Member

    Feb 25, 2012
    Dallas, Texas
    Just in my opinion and experience, if you do it with switching you'll sacrifice quality for convenience. It's true even of line-level signals, but especially true of instrument and mic level signals. You can so easily degrade the signal, even by just passing it through too many contact points, not to mention opamp after opamp in pedals. Just saying in studio or on stage, the less electronics and contact points your signal passes through, the better the sound. If sound quality is an issue. Maybe what your trying to do isn't possible otherwise, but try to think it through as straight-wire as possible first, even if it means modifying one of your options. And of course not saying your rig will sound terrible if you do go with switching, but something to think about.
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  10. oldskoolskatedad


    May 18, 2014
    I believe you could achieve your goal by starting with a good balanced TRS cable out of the Ric-o-sound jack into a Rich-E-Split box which splits the individual pup signals into their own mono signal. I would then route each pup signal into separate Morley ABY Channel Switchers, or similar product. The channel switcher allows you to either spilt 1 input into 2 outputs or combine 2 inputs into 1 output. It also allows you to select each input/output individually or select both simultaneously.

    Now you would use 2 more ABY boxes, 1 for each amp, to receive 1 of the signals from each of the other ABY boxes. You now have the ability to run 1 pup to 1 amp or both pups to both amps and every combination there of.

    But as Freight Train suggested, your signal quality may very well suffer from so many connections.
  11. Elder Rynok

    Elder Rynok

    Feb 23, 2016
    It might be sacrilege, but I kind of wish there was a digital box (to reduce analog loss) that could take the stereo TRS and sending the the signal to the different locations. Now that you told me about using a TRS, I'm considering potentially sending the 2 signals into the FX returns on my Helix and adapting it from there before sending to amps.

    Any personal experience with guitar amps to make a suggestion, on what I should look for to stand out separate from the SB300 tone wise?
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  12. oldskoolskatedad


    May 18, 2014
    With the possibility of sounding obtuse, I can only imagine that any and all guitar amps would stand out sonically from the SB300.
  13. Could anyone using 100T with a 4003 care to share their preferred settings?

    I love this amp with my other basses, I’m just having a hard time with the ric. I’m using the matching 4x10 neo cab.
  14. oldskoolskatedad


    May 18, 2014
    I also have a 100T and 410 neos and though I don't have a preferred setting for my 4003, I never had any issues finding the sound I was going for. I have noticed since installing a Nordenbocker neck pup that I rarely use the "Deep" bass function anymore.

    It may be useful to know if there is a desired tone you're having difficulty finding.
  15. Right now, my ric is set up with a set of Joe Barden pickups. I like them a lot, but a short project I’m working on requires a more traditional/ typical ric tone. Or, as close to it as these pickups will allow. So really, I’m trying to find the best of both worlds.

    I’m trying to avoid swapping the pickups for a day’s worth of recording. Just looking for a starting point.

    On a side note, at what setting would the eq be considered flat on the vintage tone stack? I found a couple conflicting opinions dating back a few years in this thread. I’m curious as to what the general consensus is now.
  16. Flat on the VINTAGE channel is
    Bass, 2.
    Mid, 10
    Treble, 2

    Or close to that.
    I usually had the bass up around 5, mids 10 and treble 3 or 4. When I used my Ric 4003.... actually, in some rooms, I'd also pull the bass eq control for the DEEP to engage
  17. Thank you, this is a big help!
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  18. SactoBass

    SactoBass A retired civil engineer who likes all-tube amps! Supporting Member

    Hello Fender Bassman 100T'ers! A few days ago, I joined the party by acquiring a 100T. It was practically new and it has the newer "v.2" designation on the auto bias panel.

    I *LOVE* the sound of this amp!!! :)

    Right now I'm playing it through a pair of Barefaced One10 cabs that I bought new from Barefaced about six months ago (see pic below). The 100T sounds fantastic through the Barefaced cabs, but I am toying with the idea of getting a Fender 410 neo cab to have a matching look for the rig.

    Now that I own a 100T, I finally understand what all the hubbub is about regarding this amp. What a great sounding amp! :thumbsup:

    Fender Barefaced.JPG
  19. oldskoolskatedad


    May 18, 2014
    Congrats! The 410neo is a great cab as well and you can't beat the matching aesthetics. BTW your dinky rig was my favorite by far and your grill cloth looks nice and straight ;)
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  20. NOLA Bass

    NOLA Bass Mr. Worst Case Scenario Man Gold Supporting Member

    Feb 3, 2005
    New Orleans LA
    Hey guys, I need to move some speaker cabs. As my 100T is primarily my studio amp these days, the NEO410 is just sitting in my music room at home. I am going to sell locally because shipping a 410 is a bit of a pain, and I do not have the original box. However, I thought I'd post here that I have a custom Studio Slip cover for it. It is super padded verse those thin ones that come with some amps. It is in great shape. No tears, etc. There is a little stain on the bottom right corner in the front (something must have splashed on it at a gig), but it is great protection.

    Selling stuff locally sucks, so I know I'm going to get lowballed on the cab and they'll want the cover for free. If anyone is interested in it, I'll do it for $85 shipped in cont. US. Just shoot me a pm.


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