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Fender Jazz relief problem

Discussion in 'Hardware, Setup & Repair [BG]' started by MichiBass, Jan 23, 2006.

  1. I have a new Fender Highway One Jazz Bass

    The relief was too high.
    When depressing the 1st and the last fret I have a relief of 0.8mm measured at the 8th fret. Is that too much ?
    Fender Setup sais it should be about 0.3 mm

    I turned the truss-rod, 1/4 turn and nothing happened.

    Should I loosen the strings before adjusting?
    Is 0.8mm to much, or should I leave it so?
    I need advice pls.

    Thank you

  2. Kronos


    Dec 28, 2005
    Philadelphia, PA
    Not only what Joshua says, but also remember that you should wait 24 hours after adjusting the truss rod, simply because your neck is still in the process of adjusting.
  3. 24 h with loose strings ?
  4. Kronos


    Dec 28, 2005
    Philadelphia, PA
    No. You definitely want to retune afterwards, that way the neck is back under tension.
  5. Thanks

    I am gonna try this and tell you afterwards.
  6. username1


    Dec 28, 2005
    alberta canada
    If your relief is only .8mm i wouldnt be tightening up the truss rod. You will end up with a neck that is almost straight and lots of buzzes on the lower frets. Whenever you do have to make a rod adjustment though, Put some pressure on the neck to slightly bend it in the direction you are adjusting it to help the truss rod along. Then string it up. If the truss rod was loosened it might take a couple of days to fully loosen but if you tighten it this way it will be good as soon as you put the tension back on the strings. If your not shure about your relief just set your action low and see where the buzzes are, if they are closer to the body end of your neck you usually have to tighten the rod, if it has buzzes closer to the frets your rod is usually too tight. If you still have problems with fret buzzes you likely need a fret level. I have been a guitar tech for 25 years and have adjusted thousands of them and also had to level frets on brand new fenders that came into the store. If you can afford it i would take it in and have a fret level because i have seen very few guitars or basses that didn't need one even when new.