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Fender Rumble Club

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by BumbleB, Mar 25, 2013.

  1. ScrewDevil

    ScrewDevil Guest

    Feb 18, 2018
    I was thinking about getting a new one of those. Let me know how it sounds.
  2. aussietc


    Apr 14, 2010
    Do the new Rumble amps have a balanced out or does the master volume still affect the direct out?
  3. Master vol affects DI out
  4. basslayer


    Jan 3, 2008
    Beaverton, OR
    American Musical is listing the Rumble Stage 800 in stock and Fender still doesn't mention the amp on its website.
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  5. I think someone earlier mentioned the Stage 800 has a pre / post switch.
    But yep, the ‘not Stage’ amps are affected by Vol
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  6. aussietc


    Apr 14, 2010
    What about the new Studio 40 or Stage 500?
  7. eric_B


    Apr 19, 2015
    The Netherlands
    Yes, they seem in stock over here as well. € 853 for the Stage 800 and € 385 for the Studio 40.
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  9. G-Dog

    G-Dog What a fun place! Supporting Member

    Feb 12, 2016
    I believe I read somewhere that the mono mode Pre- and Post-EQ XLR outs of "The Stage" are, or at least could be, both affected by the Master. However, as has been mentioned here by actual users, the Master effect is not egregiously large and may even go unnoticed at the sound board!

    Real life observation.
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  10. So it's always fun to test drive the Rumble with some music you usually don't play.

    In my youth, I played a lot of new wave / techno, only as a keyboardist then. I played with some guys doing 80s new wave, all of us around the same age, having a great time with it. I really got to see the horn tweeter shine, and use a couple other tone shaping presets. Usually I use the Vintage switch for that fatter rock tone. But just using the bright switch instead and having the horn turned on, it was really cool, played some INXS, Joy Division, The Cars, etc. It was fun times, and fun to try the 200 with some new settings and music from my typical rock stuff.
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  11. Gravedigger Dav

    Gravedigger Dav Supporting Member

    Mar 13, 2014
    Springtown, Texas
    Great! We have a new word to add to the dictionary, Rumbeliever!
  12. OldFunBass


    Nov 5, 2016
    I have always believed in rum. :thumbsup:
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  13. Steadfast


    Sep 28, 2015
    Search Me
    I will add a stage 40 to sit on top of my 2 500c's
  14. G-Dog

    G-Dog What a fun place! Supporting Member

    Feb 12, 2016
    Hmm, a "Stage 40", eh?

    I've read of the Stage 800 with 800 watts, two 10-inch speakers and an external speaker jack.

    And I've read of the Studio 40 with 40 watts, one 10-inch speaker and no external speaker jack.

    Would the "Stage 40" have 40 watts, one 10-inch speaker and an external speaker jack that switches to 800 watts with an external 4 ohm speaker? Now that would be a great little pocket rocket!! The weight of a 40 with the power of the 800 ! What a winner!?

  15. tombowlus

    tombowlus If it sounds good, it is good Gold Supporting Member

    Apr 3, 2003
    North central Ohio
    Editor-in-Chief, Bass Gear Magazine
    I asked Fender about this, and here is their response:

    "Both outputs are balanced and NOT affected by Master. There is a dedicated menu USB/LINE OUT level control but most users won’t need to adjust it. The menu can configure XLR outputs to PRE/POST (default setting, both are mono) to stereo L and R (both POST processing) outputs as found on Mustang GT. We thought the having both PRE (direct, no processing) and POST (post processing, stereo effects summed to mono) would be more useful for most bass applications."​
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  16. G-Dog

    G-Dog What a fun place! Supporting Member

    Feb 12, 2016
    Wow! Another definitive answer, and with a definitive solution, no less!

    Many thanks, @tombowlus! You da man!

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  17. Steadfast


    Sep 28, 2015
    Search Me
    ahhh I meant the studio 40. I understand it had an effects loop.
  18. G-Dog

    G-Dog What a fun place! Supporting Member

    Feb 12, 2016
    Yes, 1/4” stereo effects loop.

  19. Well no s:poop:t!
    Glad they figured that out.

    Thanks for posting.
  20. aussietc


    Apr 14, 2010
    Balanced out! YES!!! That was the only thing I can against the Rumble amps - the ability to make volume changes at the amp without affecting the line to FOH. Not a big deal, but appreciated when needed.
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    May 12, 2021

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