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  1. No I'm thinking I need to try it?
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  2. GonePlaid

    GonePlaid "It needs a bridge cover" Supporting Member

    Mar 29, 2016
    Southeast FL
    I like it the best that I've tried.
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  3. I'll take that as a yes, and get a bottle for investigative purposes :D
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  4. TheMaartian

    TheMaartian Always forward. Never straight.

    Sep 23, 2014
    Flagstaff, AZ
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  5. pedroyoyoma


    Jul 10, 2017
    Oakland, CA
    Hey yo. I am new to the world of heads and cabs, and someone turned me on to this club. I'm hoping y'all could help. I am a little confused on the options for Fender Rumble cabs. I have a Fender Rumble combo that I really love, and recently picked up a David Eden 800T head.

    My head can run 440 Watts in each channel at 4ohms, so I can run two cabs at 440W each - or it can do a bi-amp mono mode that runs 880W in 8ohms.

    My questions:
    1) What are the sound and technical differences in sound/quality between the multiple Fender Rumble cabs? I see three at the same price: 4x10 500W w/horn, 2x10 700W, and a 2x10 700W that says the power handling is "350W Continuous, 700W Program". I am not sure what that means.

    2) Also, it may be my lack on knowledge, but why is the 2x10 louder than the 4x10?

    3) I was planning on running one channel at 440W at 4ohms to a single cab - but is that a bad idea since these cabs are all 8ohms?

    4) Lastly, if I get the 700W cab, could I safely use my head in bridged mode at 880W Ohms as long as I don't max out the volume?

    Edit: I just saw that guitar center as a 4x10 1000W at the same price! Now I'm more confused... Why wouldn't I always just get the 1000W if it's the same price as the others?

  6. Bill Thorsberg

    Bill Thorsberg Supporting Member

    Aug 2, 2019
    *** NOTE ***

    Daisy Chaining both Rumbles now using the DI out of the Rumble 40 into the effects return of the Rumble 200 and its amazing! See the pics
    I was asking earlier in a post about how to use both the 40 and the 200 at the same time and I've found since the 40 doesnt have an effects loop, I can use the DI out of it into the effects return of the 200 and it works magnificently. The only issue was obtaining an XLR to 1/4" 3 ft cable to connect the DI to the effects return on the 200 and viola! IMG_20200128_171518068 (1).jpg
  7. GonePlaid

    GonePlaid "It needs a bridge cover" Supporting Member

    Mar 29, 2016
    Southeast FL
    Wow! Way outta my paygrade. Someone'll come along that knows the answer(s).
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  8. GonePlaid

    GonePlaid "It needs a bridge cover" Supporting Member

    Mar 29, 2016
    Southeast FL
    There are also 1/4" to xlr adapters you can get as backups.
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  9. csanders


    Jun 14, 2012
    Alright guys, sell me on it. I'm filling the void left by my recently departed GK MB200 and picking up a new small amp. Rumble 40 V3 or Rumble 75? I'd be pairing it with a Stingray5. I rarely play out, so this would be primarily practice. When I do play out, it's usually at church where we are transitioning to "ampless". :( Oh, and I have a 5 month old who sleeps A LOT. I've got local options to pick up the 40 for $140 or the 75 for $150.

    So... pros and cons of the 40 V3 vs the 75?

    THANKS! :)
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  10. G-Dog

    G-Dog What a fun place! Supporting Member

    Feb 12, 2016

    Either one can be a great amp for you! Take your pick. :cool:

    The 75 was made between 2010 and 2014, puts up to 75W continuous into a 12" speaker in a kickback design cabinet and weighs about 55 lb.s. Lotsa folks here still rock their 75. Read the Rumble 15, 30 & 75 manual here. From a store you might get a 90 day warranty, but no manufacturers warranty.

    The 40 was made between 2014 and present, puts up to 40W continuous into a 10" speaker in a cube cabinet and weighs just 18 lb.s. Lotsa folks here rock a 40, some even with drummers! Read about the Rumble 40 here, with a link to the manual under the Support tab there. From an individual you might get their original pre January 1, 2017 receipt to get what's left of the 5-year transferable warranty. If they bought it after January 1, 2017 it has only a 2-year non-transferable warranty.

    Go for it, sanders! Try 'em out and take the one you like. Both chock full o' Rumbleness. :)
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  11. G-Dog

    G-Dog What a fun place! Supporting Member

    Feb 12, 2016

    pedro, you're getting some great advice in your separate thread [Advice] Confused about differences between Fender Rumble Cabs. Read and heed that. Also do some research on basic electrical impedance, it's very unintuitive and confuses lots of (if not most) musicians. Also confusing are the multiple rating methods, such as RMS, continuous, peak, program, "music power", etc. and they cannot be safely compared directly. For example, the same cab is rated 350W continuous and 700W program, but guess which number salesmen promote! See?

    Good luck to you. And if you do get a Rumble, or two, come show us a photo and join The Club. :thumbsup:
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  12. Bill Thorsberg

    Bill Thorsberg Supporting Member

    Aug 2, 2019
    I LOVE my 40 and use it at church gigs and rehearsals. I've fashioned a couple of DIY amp ramp/stands that help get the sound to your ears and off the floor (because its so small) but the lightweight and super tone of the 40 make it ampramp2a.jpg ampramp2b.jpg ampramp1b.jpg ampramp1a.jpg ampramp1.jpg simply awesome IMO.
  13. Slingy


    Jan 23, 2020
    Ontario, Canada
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  14. G-Dog

    G-Dog What a fun place! Supporting Member

    Feb 12, 2016

    Attention: Rumble Club Wiki Edit Alert!

    Thank you, @Bill Thorsberg, for sharing! Billy, your post showing how to use a Rumble 40 DI to control a Rumble 200 has been linked on the Rumble Club Wiki page near the middle of the Connecting Combos Together section. This is a great graphic presentation of how to do this. It's been discussed many times but, you know, "a pic is worth 1,000 words"!

    Thanks, Thor, for sharing this. This is a well snapped photo. And it should be a most helpful reference for others! Thank you very much. Now, we can all merrily . . . .

    Rumble On!
  15. GonePlaid

    GonePlaid "It needs a bridge cover" Supporting Member

    Mar 29, 2016
    Southeast FL
    I use my R40 for smallish restaurant/lounge gigs, 1-2 guitars, bass, and drummer-who never plays loud-and also for concert band(about 50 pieces-clarinets, saxes, flutes, trumpets, trombones, percussion, etc.)playing UB parts[I don't play string bass]. Volume has not been above 12, gain 9-ish, tones to fit the room.
  16. Artman

    Artman Supporting Member

    Dec 28, 2017
    Georgetown, TX
    I just purchased a "used" Rumble 210 v.3 cab from a seller on Reverb! It still has a production date sticker on the bottom. April 2019. It had something knocking around loose inside of it.
    I thought that maybe the crossbrace had broken free, and figured that I could re-glue it or replace it myself. I carefully and partially removed one speaker and saw that it was the wires that connect the two 10's to each other slapping against the internal crossbrace. I slightly rotated the one speaker so as to take up some slack from the wires, and tightened it back into place. Then I hand tightened all of the other screws. The other speaker, the handles, the corner guards, and the rubber feet underneath. They were all loose. No more knocking noise! Stacking it on top of my 112 v.3 cab!
    Sounds and looks great!
    Rumble On!
  17. pbass74


    Sep 19, 2015
    Sunland, CA
    Here are a few nice things about my Rumble 75. It has two instrument inputs. It has the tilt back design if you want to do that. You would like that if you set it on the floor. It has all the knobs and jacks right on the front for easy access. It sounds great and I use it for my main practice amp. I also have a Rumble 200 which I love and gig with, but find myself wishing that the knobs and inputs were on the front. For home use you would probably love either the 40 or the 75.
  18. bassdeal


    Jan 6, 2018
    I also love the tone of my R40. I am totally impressed but unsure how much I want to push it. I did a show last weekend at a moderate-size bar and used my Little Mark 25 with a GK 1x15 NEO cab. After the first few songs I think the R40 would have handled it fine and kicking myself for being so worried.

    Interesting wedge. What material is it made of? I posted a bit back using a milk crate and board to get my R40 off the floor and project nicely.
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  19. Yogi Bear

    Yogi Bear Supporting Member

    Aug 14, 2000
    This is awesomely encouraging to hear. I am downsizing from bigger gear to a Studio 40 for home practice/studio use and the occasional basement jam, or small gig. It should arrive in the coming week!
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  20. bobbybass85


    Dec 19, 2005
    Nashville, TN
    Morning Rumble club! Glad to say I’m joining the club in rather epic fashion. Few months back I got a steak on a rumble 4x10 and just this week picked up 2 used 2x10s!

    I remember a ways back seeing a thread from someone who went into their rumble and added some bracing and upgraded the polyfill inside. Anybody know where that thread is? I can’t find it. Thanks!!
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