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Fender Telecaster Basses

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by heath_the_great, Sep 22, 2004.

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  1. Well, ive played a few of these basses, 2 to be precise, both 70's makes, and ive loved them both....this one the more recent
    except without the covers, and a bit more worn, and it has the humble price of $1800aus on it :eek:...but i gas for a humbucker telecaster bass, does fender make re-issues of these? i havent seen them in the last 3 years of frontline, or is there a intermediate priced copy of the telecaster bass with the single humbucker pickup right at the neck...ala
  2. red-hot-bassist


    Sep 18, 2001
    the new Mike Dirnt sig is pretty similar

    it retails at 599GBP dunno about aus

    as far as i know no plans to do a standard re issue
  3. knuckle_head

    knuckle_head Commercial User

    Jul 30, 2002
    Owner; Knuckle Guitar Works & Circle K Strings
    I always thought the Tele Bass had the neck humbucker only - the bass you picture first looks more like a vintage P.

    Was the Tele bass released with any other pup config than the neck humbucker?

    * I'm feelin' kind of dumb here *
  4. mike dirnt is nothing like it....its basically a sting bass with a seymore duncan split coil in the sweet spot...not what i want
  5. The Tele bass had a single coil until 1972.

    Then came the Humbucker.... *shudder*
  6. that first one i pictured is a telecaster bass, its looks like a p, but doesnt have any body contours, where the p's did, plus the teles were just 1 big slab of wood
  7. rickbass

    rickbass Supporting Member

    Believe it or not...........this used to be "The Fender Precision Bass" when Leo started out.

    FWIW, I think the bass where you have 2 photos of it is much more of the "real deal" than that crummy-looking thing with the dark, cheap, wood and Gibson-type pickup in the lower pic.

    However, always let your ears be your guide. Your eyes can fool you but your ears won't.
  8. FireAarro


    Aug 8, 2004
    Well the closest thing right now to the humbucker tele bass would probably be this, http://www.ishibashi.co.jp/webshop/guitar/fender-j/tnb110spl.htm, chambered body with jazz pickup in bridge and EB-O sorta pickup in neck. And that ain't real close. Plus it wouldn't cost much less after shipping.

    rickbass, the Telecaster bass was a reissue of the old precision bass, they added humbucky pickups and a funky pickguard later on with similar changes to their Telecaster Custom/Deluxe around that time (please note I may be completely incorrect). The pickup ain't really Gibsony, compare it with this: fender_pickup.

    Also the original Ps did have slab bodies. They added contours and smoother edges in '55 or something.
  9. no **** shirlock ;)

    man..thats a fender telecaster bass, same as the top one just a later model....certanly looks better than a rick, probably wont sound as bright and brittle either..but i like the humbucker one better..its not the best looking one ive seen...but jsut watch the film clips to cakes "i will survive" or "the distance" theny ou'll see a nice tele bass
  10. FireArro.. the humbucker is very Gibson-y!

    It sounds like one, and was developed by Seth Lover.. who designed Gibson's humbuckers.

    Muddy muddy muddy :rollno:
  11. FireAarro


    Aug 8, 2004
    What I meant was it looks more similar to the Fender "Wide-Range" bucker than it does to a Gibson pickup :p
  12. gamera


    Sep 20, 2004
    Gloucester, MA
    I just bought the blue flower tele/pbass thing. Its pretty nice. The neck is pretty fat and round. This is the first CIJ instrument I have ever owned and I am amazed at the build quality and overall cleanliness of everything on it. Its just really sharp.

    That one is cool, but I'm not sure I like the pickguard section down towards the bridge.
  13. well i already have a very 'defined' and bright bass, kubicki, so now i would like a 'thick' bass for some of the soul songs ive been writing
  14. Can you be nice just once, without being an arrogant, opinionated, non-spelling, bad typing, wrong jerk? He was attempting to help you and you give him a "no xxxx shirlock?" (and even misspelled Sherlock...)

    Precision/Telecaster Bass
    1951 Slab body, blonde finish, black pickguard, single coil pickup.

    1954 Contoured body, 2 color sunburst finish, white pickguard, single coil pickup.

    1957 The Precision that we know of as "the Precision Bass" with split pickups and Strat style headstock.

    1968 Telecaster Bass-Slab body, blonde finish, white pickguard single coil pickup.

    1972 Slab body, funky pickguard, Seth Lover designed humbucking pickup.

    I really dig the 68-72 version, not so much the humbuckered one. As much as Seth Lover changed the pickup world- he swung and missed on this one.
  15. I have a '73 tele bass I got in 1976. It has the humbucker which back then sounded a bit muddy for my only instrument. I couldn't afford to buy another, so I added a SD jazz pup and a blend knob. Much more versatile... I still have it. Here's a pic from the late 80's...
  16. rickbass

    rickbass Supporting Member

    Your youth is a dead giveaway of your ignorance.
  17. cant you get a sense of humour? geez..didnt ya notice the little winky thing...geez....why does everything have to be nice nice happy happy, edward scissor hands town life.....
  18. Post with political content removed by Moderator
  19. rickbass

    rickbass Supporting Member

    The truly dead dig their own graves....skippy.
  20. damn that looks nice...either its a big instrument, or you're a small fella, from that angle :smug:

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