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    Jan 21, 2011
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    I think I'm ready to start searching for the right, next, bass. I've been playing my Stingray for over 20 years, and it has been good to me. Even though I don't think it is necessarily the "perfect" bass for my style, I'll probably hang on to it, even when I get a second guitar.

    The problem I have right now is with money (not sure if anybody else has that problem :()

    In browsing the TB classifieds, I see that there have been Fender American Standard Jazz Basses that have sold in the $800 range. That seems like a hell of a deal, especially since all the comparable basses I see in the shops are in the $1,200 range.

    It could really help me out to (hypothetically) save $400 by buying used, but then I can't take advantage of 12-18 months interest free financing, like I can get at the shop.

    There's no real question here, I just wanted to use this post as a therapeutic tool...
  2. I saw an American Delux jazz bass (the one with smaller body) at a pawnshop for $650. I thought it wasn't worth it until I got home and looked it up; those things cost like $1000-2000. Damn it. Now I need to save up for that bass. What a steal. I feel ya, bro. But, honestly, if you can't afford it, settle for an MIJ or MIM and use the rest of the money to upgrade. Equal cost (maybe less or more), but it'll be really nice
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    Jul 16, 2013
    I was never ever a fan of fender until the other day when I played an american jazz with the custom shop 60s pickups in it and imho it blew the doors off every other fender I played at the shop, including the deluxe. 1400 is a lot of cash but you might be able to get a mim jazz or a used one at a nice price and get the pickups replaced and save a lot by doing that.
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    Guitar Center is doing another Trade-In Expo this weekend. A lot of merch will be flooding in and out over the next day or two. If you're in a buying mood, try out a ton of stuff and see what you like.

    I believe GC has a 30-day return policy if you should change your mind. Check with them on that first, though. I, myself, haven't had to invoke that the two times I bought used gear from them.


    Jan 21, 2011
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    Sweetwater is offering 24 months interest free financing!, but then I'd have to buy something from the internet, site unseen...

    Not a good idea, right? Anybody have experience with Sweetwater?
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    I can't imagine getting a good deal in trade at GC
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    Maybe yes, maybe no. It depends. Sweetwater has an excellent reputation, I myself have dealt with them a few times and been very happy. They have a 55 -point evaluation that they do for every instrument above a certain price level (somewhere about 250 bucks +), which includes a setup. Even if you got a crappy bass from them (unlikely) or even if you just don't like it because the tone doesn't suit you, they have a pretty good returns policy and are quite eager to work with you to make you happy. It is indeed a good idea to play an instrument before you buy it, but you can get a good instrument sight unseen from online stores like Sweetwater and Musician's Friend if you are unable to try them out first. I've gotten four or five basses/guitars from both over the past four years, and have been happy with everything I've gotten.
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    Jan 28, 2013
    Sweetwater's great! I went out on an limb and ordered my last bass from them, and I couldn't be any happier. They have a "Guitar Gallery" that actually shows the exact instrument you're going to buy, and the weight etc. Great customer service, fast shipping, bass came set-up nearly perfectly out of the box...nothing I could really complain about.

    Edit: An example of the "Guitar Gallery" with a black American Standard Jazz...

    It's also Fender's "Sonic Boom" savings promotion...$100 off on select models (I think the Jazz basses are included).
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    Mar 26, 2011
    I've done a lot of business with them and let's just say, you can't get BETTER customer service. One of the BEST.

    They have been quite nice to me....And 24 months free financing is a steal...But, only if you are going to be able to pay in full at the end...Otherwise, you will have a sizable finance charge to pay.

    Sweetwater = Highly recommended.:bassist:
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    Speaking as a guy who's been there, here are two good habits to get into if you want to turn your money situation around:

    1. Buy used.
    2. Pay cash. Even with interest-free financing, you can get in trouble quickly if you can't make a payment.
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    1.Justifying the purchase will be much easier (with wife), if I spread the payments out (finance), which makes it difficult to buy used...
    2. I'm very good about not missing payments. I don't typically carry any balances. If I do on a guitar purchase, I will set up automatic $50 payments...$1,200 guitar will be paid off in 24 months.
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    Ah yes, a wife. I remember when I had one of those. :D
  14. Zzounds has a ten payment plan right now on American standards . Free shipping and they don't charge tax ! Except in New Jersey I believe
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    Jan 25, 2011
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    I would have ZERO reservations buying a bass from Sweetwater.
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    I would buy it used cash. Free financing is cool until the stinky stuff hits the fan, and you end up getting reamed with interest.
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    You misunderstand me. I mean there will be a great amount of used stock coming into Guitar Centers this weekend…lots of possibilities that he can try out first-hand and yet, still return within 30 days if he changes his mind. I never said he should trade in his current bass, but perhaps I should've stated that more explicitly.

    And for the record, you may imagine away. :p I brought in a mediocre-at-best Squier during their last Trade-In Expo. I got back 75% of what I originally paid on the trade alone. Then I took advantage of the "15% off a qualifying purchase" they do when you trade something in during the expo. That took an additional $75 off what was my first brand-new bass, specifically my Blacktop Jazz.* So what would've cost $500 new was dropped down to $350. Factor in the $100 I spent on the mediocre Squier and I still saved $50 on a kick-a$$, brand-new bass. I'd call that a bargain!

    <insert "Who" riff here> :bag:

    *: As a bonus, they had to order it directly from Fender. No floor or demo model there. Sure, it cost an extra $11, but I hardly count that in the mix since I didn't have to worry about grubby, careless hands messing with it.