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First bass head question

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by mksolid, Oct 20, 2005.

  1. mksolid


    Jan 4, 2005
    Hi, I recently got an old 100 watt ampeg bass head and it makes some noise. Like the fan seems a little loud or something... is this common for heads and does it make recording difficult if im using a cardioid condenser mic?
  2. I can't imagine that the fan is loud enough to be heard above the amp when you're actually playing? Sure a mic would pick up some noise between gaps in playing, but that's what a noise gate is for.
  3. mksolid


    Jan 4, 2005
    oh I havent tried recording yet, i've got a microphone on order and i want to try micing the amp instead of going directly to the recorder. also... how bright should 12ax7 tubes be? very faint orange or should the whole things glow?
  4. Plain Old Me

    Plain Old Me

    Dec 14, 2004
    It shouldn't be a problem at all if you just move the head away from the cab. This is what I have done whenever I need to record. Get a good length speaker cable and just leave the head on the floor or a stool or something.
  5. The 0x

    The 0x

    Aug 24, 2003
    Timonium, MD
    Very faint, if they're glowing alot, then either there are LEDs behind it, or something's seriously wrong.
  6. Lowtonejoe

    Lowtonejoe Supporting Member

    Jul 3, 2004
    Richland, WA
    It totally depends on the amount of voltage the circuit designer has going through it.

    I have had tube guitar amps that the preamp tube barely lit and others where the tube had a nice, orange glow to it.