Frank Zappa Bass Tabs

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  1. LionBass


    Jun 19, 2009
    Does anyone here have any good Frank Zappa bass tabs? I've been looking for "Zombie Woof", but I can only find the guitar version.
  2. theres a few out there in old geetar rags,but i have not seen that one.....there was a tb'er who had a good collection of them........unfortunately the bots zapped them all......i've seen dirty love,peaches en regalia,apostrophe,and there is one in april's bp that im looking for
  3. I am about as evil as a Boogie Man can be!
  4. lkbass22


    Apr 21, 2009
    New York City
    there used to be a website that had a complete transcription of the bass line from the version off best band you never heard (that's how i learned the song) but it went down i think. if it helps the song is in the key of a minor and i heavily based around an A minor pentatonic scale
  5. The transcription in question was Alien Orifice, and I managed to scrounge up a copy on the internets: player 09c.jpg player 09d.jpg

    There's a page missing, but the parts that are there are easy enough to read. The transcription itself is great, I had a fun time trying to plod my way through that one :bag:

    There's a good Guitar Pro of Peaches En Regalia on Ultimate-Guitar that has what I recall to be a near-perfect transcription of the bassline on it.

    If all else fails you could always try and tab it out by ear :smug:
  6. LionBass


    Jun 19, 2009
    Many Thanks to you! This will be enough for a while. I will share a Bass Solo from a Frank Zappa song, as soon as I have my scanner working (it's in an old Bass Player Magazine, around 1988, I think)
  7. thanx.....i think i know where there is a copy....i got dots for peaches somewhere....i wonder if anyone has saved those one from thunes....