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  1. Here's something I found on the Internet about my old friend Freddie Schreiber. Very funny guy.
    I first met him here in Denver in the early 60's, when he came through with Cal Tjader. (who, I later worked and recorded with) I was doing the jazz cello in 4ths shtick. Cal and Freddie asked me to bring it in. I did. Freddie and I had a ball trading off bass and cello.
    The Downbeat Magazine article (linked) followed soon after.
    Sound familiar? I'd forgotten that Freddie's humor was a big influence on me, AND many other jazz players at the time.
    Freddie came up with an "All-Star Big Band", filled with wacky names. I can only remember a few: Saxes....Darryl B. Mortacome, Russell Upsomegrub, Walter Wallcarpets etc.....They had a chick pianist, Rachel Predjudice. The "Lovely Lady of Song", Wilma that. Bobby Shew and I put the list together some years back. He can't find his and mine is in storage at the moment. We're working on it, as we speak.
    I use Freddie's "Angular probing lines" line all the time.....sounds just like jazz critics of old.
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    Fantastic. Wish I could've met him!
  3. Yeah he was a trip, Adam.
    A few years in this biz, one gets tired of so called "critics" who are not educated enough, or just not having anything in the "ears" dept. They seemed (seem) to be more interested in clever verbiage than any real interest in the music or the players.
    I do give props to Downbeat for letting that piece slide through.
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    Lead Alto-Izzy Sharp; 1st tenor-Manny Notes; piano-Art Peggio; Lead trumpet-Willie Maykit; 2nd trumpet-Diz Astor; Guitar-Kenny Pickett; bass-Kenny Pluckett; drums-Walter "Chick" Boom. There's more, I'm sure.
  5. :D
    Thanks, got me remembering. (no easy feat).
    The road manager was Frieda Slaves, I think.
    Dean Chickadeen was the drummer with Pete Barbutti.

    I thought Izzy was a trumpet player who was fond of the Harmon mute?
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    "I thought Izzy was a trumpet player who was fond of the Harmon mute?"

    I think that was Buzzy something-or-other; maybe Buzzy Toane?
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    :D LOL
  8. It should be pointed out that these were the days before the "Don't ask, don't tell" thingy. :cool:
    No matter how hard they tried and NO matter how great they played, the inseparable and fabulous trombonists Ben Dover and Neil Down :eek: were never contracted. :scowl:
    They JUST refused to quit holding hands during the ballads. ;)
    They also had a bad habit of oiling up their slides way too much. :eyebrow:
  9. Phillip McCavity was always so jealous of those two...
  10. Yeah, I remember him Aaron. Wiley Waytheours was good at calming Phillip down though.

    Remember the night Oswald McGum had that choking spelll just before the gig?
  11. He sure took his time, but that guy could really play some horn
    I've never seen fingerwork like that since
  12. I guess you lost me there. Prolly Freddie too.
    Getting a bit too Off-Topic. (Even for me, IMO.)

    So anyway, Freddie Schreiber had this cute idea..........................................
    (The guy's favorite charts were those of the Brit, Oliver Teethout.)
  13. Yeah, wasn't their booking agent Arturo Versees? They had a great Moroccan percussionist, Mustafa Fiqs, but he was VERY unreliable. Ditto the trombonist they picked up in Munich, Manheim Schtoned.
  14. Yesir, John. (Hi to the boys.) ;)

    I clean forgot Arturo. And didn't he have a chick.....Shirley U. Gest?
    I do believe Manheim and Mustafa were eventually fired and replaced by Buster Hyman and Manuel Labor (this was a racially balanced band, doncha know.) Willie Cudit auditioned, but was paranoid about his reading go. Justin Time came in and saved the day.
  15. You guys. I love it. Don't stop.:D
  16. That reminds me of my ex-wife. :help:

    Thanks, Wal. ;)
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    Aug 22, 2007
    NYC, Inwood.
    Then there was the piano player they had to fire, Phil Allspace.
  18. The bubbley twins, Felix and Isaac Cited :hyper: auditioned too, if memory serves. A bit TOO bubbley to blend.
  19. I dunno. I never heard a trumpet player that DIDN'T play "Sharp" with a Harmon. 'Specially Izzy.
  20. Wasn't there also that guy, Justin Kase who'd they'd get to sub for Mustafa.