gibson TB / SS V bass pickups difference in tone

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    Feb 21, 2018
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    I have a 1990 Gibson Thunderbird IV I bought new. Just lately I put a hipshot bridge on it and man what a difference. The sound and sustain are much sweeter! I love the tones I can get from it which bring me to a question. I bought one of the Gibson short scale Flying V basses back in 2011 and after doing some reset up it is a nice playable bass. I do plan on putting a Hipshot on it soon but will need to cut away a notch in its base on the pick guard side as it will hang just slightly over the pick guard. The TB has a raise center on the body the V not. Anyway, the V is said to have TB Plus Ceramic Humbuckers on it with dimensions of 2.75 X 1.5 inches, far smaller than the wider TB pickups on my TB. Doing a test as the TB & the V have the same controls 2 volume,1 tone, I set both the same. What I found the TB had that super TB sound with good brightness while the V although was louder volume wise, it was more mid range and muddy in tone. In fact I can't get true brightness out of it at all like the TB. Now they both have the same strings on so we can discount that. Are there any pickups in the market that would give me the TB sound qualityon the V but fit in the V pickup opening. I do not want to distort the originality of the V in anyway that can't be reversed. I don't know if these two have the same wiring for possibly I could rewire the V to be like the TB? Any thoughts? Thanks