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  1. My current rig includes a GK Backline 600 amp. I know it's a budget model but it does the job and I've never had a compelling need to replace it. In our practice space I use an old GK 400B that is borrowed from a friend of my bandmate. It's been deemed too old, noisy and unreliable to be gig-worthy. I can't even read the writing on half of the controls on it because it's worn off.

    I really like the sound of the 400B. Somewhat tubey sounding to me, although I'm pretty sure it's a solid state amp. I'm thinking of upgrading my amp in the next few months. What I'm wondering is whether I would get more of that character sound if I were to upgrade from my BL 600 to an MB500 or MB Fusion. I'd like to get a micro amp, but there are so many choices - I'm inclined to stick with GK.
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    Is the 400 unusable for any reason other than the writing is worn off?

    With the exception of the fusion series, GKs don't have tubes.
  3. Yes - (1) it's not mine; and (2) we tried to use it for a gig once and the sound man said it was too noisy.
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    Maybe the D.I. was damaged or oxidized

    The 400 RB has a great volume for its wattage,and a really good sound
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    If you like that sound get an 800RB. You will not regret it.
  6. The 800RB would be a great choice from a tone standpoint. However, the OP said he would like a micro amp and I would hardly call the 25lb 800RB a micro amp.

    Depending on your budget and power needs look at the MB series. The MB200 is surprisingly loud for 200 watt amp. If you need more go with the MB500 or the MB Fusion.
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    I've seen quite a few GK micro heads in the For Sale forum recently. Some pretty good prices, too.
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    For that tone, your best bet is probably a 700RB-II. The MB-500 is great -- I like mine a lot -- but it does not duplicate the warmth and heft of the 700RB-II, which I'm assuming are the "tube like" qualities you want. With judicious use of the EQ it gets in the neighborhood, and in a band mix the difference isn't exactly night-and-day, but it's not the same.
  9. Jump on the GK MB500 bro - I’m an longtime GK800RB and 400RB user and I just ordered a MB500.

    EDIT: PS - and buy a new one. ;)
  10. A MB 500 or 800 with a Sansamp BDDI or VT pedal and you have everything you need. IMHO.
  11. +1
    I have a 1001RB which is very similar and love it! It has been on the road with me for 6 years.
  12. I'm a longtime gk user and I have the mb2-500. That amp is awesome with a great sound and very affordable. 0.02$
  13. I hadn't played Broadway in Nashville for 5 years until December. Before that, all the stages had ampeg. Now ALL of them have GK.
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    The op does not mention what cab or cabs are being used with the Backline head. While a new amp certainly won't hurt, I think good spkrs are more important by far. depending on what cabs are being used, that may be the better path to take.
  15. With the Backline, I've got an Ampeg PF-115HE and an Avatar SB-112 Neo, and a VT Bass pedal. Part of the issue is that I'm not doing an apples-to-apples comparison. In the practice space with the 400B, we've got a very heavy old 15" Traynor cabinet. I'm sure that cabinet has a different sound character than my cabinets.

    I've been leaning toward the MB Fusion, but there are a lot of other good suggestions people have made.
  16. I agree. GK neos are excellent, but the MBE's are good cheaper alternative as well. I tried my gk head with other high end cabs and they matched best with GK IME...