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GK MB112-II Rattling...

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by subtraction, Apr 6, 2015.

  1. So I just got a GK MB112-II about 3 weeks ago from sweetwater. It was a demo model and fot it for about $50 off new, but when it arrived there were absolutely no signs of wear. Ofcourse a few days ago I tossed the box and paperwork it came with... Got home today and plugged in to practice some and I get a pretty bad rattling noise on the lower end. Especially bad on open e for example...

    This was my first amp as I had only ever played with headphone amps. I was really happy with it up until now... Im pretty irritated and would like to fix the issue myself as I really dont want to pay for shipping the thing all over the place. Any suggestions?

  2. tjh


    Mar 22, 2006
    for starters, make sure it is actually coming from the amp, and not something in the room/house that you are hearing .. raise the cab off the floor and try to isolate it ...

    .. it may be just my 'analness', and that I turn over a LOT of gear, but I never throw out a box and original packing until the piece is gone .. and sometimes not even then .. ;)
  3. Sweetwater is usually pretty good about sending out a replacement on their dime. The box might be a problem, if you have any trouble with Sweetwater (doubt you will) contact G-K jason@gallien.com, G-K stands by their equipment.
  4. Try tightening all of the screws on the speaker, grill, and casing... I have a GK410MBE that sometimes gets a bad rattling sound as well and this fixes it.
  5. Yeah I isolated the cab and made sure it wasnt rattling something else it was sitting on/near. Its definitely something internal. Annoying the hell out of me as ive continued using it.

    I called sweetwater earlier and they said a ticket will be opened and ill get contacted in the next few days. They said an option will be me taking it to a local repair center and getting it fixed on their dime to avoid shipping.

    I know throwing out the box was foolish. Id felt confident I wouldnt have issues after it worked flawlessly for a few weeks. I figure electronics are one of those things that will fail sooner rather than later if theyre going to. Plus im in a fairly small apt with the girlfriend and kids so space is a valuable commodity that id not wanted being taken up by empty boxes that I foolishly thought id never need!
  6. Just made sure every screw in the thing was tight and nothing was loose and rattling around inside the cab. Something is wrong with the speaker im 99% sure.

    Ugh so frustrating at this point im wishing id have just saved the whole hassle of shopping online. Should have just gone down to GC saved some bucks and gotten a Fender rumble 200 that everyone seems to be raving about. Hopefully Sweetwater and/or GK can get me squared away.
  7. Won't hear me "raving" about the Rumbles and it's definitely not "everyone".
  8. Haha im not wild about them myself but its the only decent thing the nearest GC has in store besides super spendy MarkBass stuff. I was perhaps partially joking as I do love the way the GK sounds but it would be very nice to just be able to take it back to a retail store for a return/exchange.
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  9. I hear ya. If G.C. could pay their bills you would probably see more G-K in the stores. Right now most seem to be on M.F. and SameDay's web sites (all three part of the same corporation).
  10. Hmmm yeah they had a GK head last time I was in there. I really am just hoping I can get this resolved. I guess I could always just buy a new speaker too and install it myself...
  11. Email Jason before you think about that. No point buying a new speaker while under original warranty ;)
  12. Well Sweetwater just called. They said I can go f myself and its not their problem.

    Not really. They already send me a return shipping label and said not to worry about having thrown out the box and to just pay fed ex to rebox it. Then as soon as ive mailed it out they will ship me a brand new unit!

    I am happy
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