Great new rubber knobs by Knobeez

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  1. Just wanted to share a great find, and do a quick product review, with the TB community. Last week I was frantically searching the net for all-rubber knobs that had a set screw for 6mm smooth-shaft pots. And couldn't find anything on ebay or any of the on-line parts stores. But, I did run across these . . . Knobeez rubber guitar knobs. Found them on ebay.

    Anyway, I emailed them asking if they'd stay in place without spinning or falling off the smooth-shafts . . . the reply was that they would work fine. So, I ordered a set with the hopes that was the case.

    Anyway, they work great!! Just made sure the shafts were clean and oil free and pressed them into place . . . just that simple. They will spin a little if you turn hard past 0 or 100% on the pots, but your turning way too hard for it to ever occur during normal/proper use. Also, my Vol. pot is push/pull for active/passive and they easily stay in place there too . . . you'd have to pull up pretty hard to pop them off.

    I think they look and feel great also. I got black, but they come in red, purple, blue and two shades of white too. And they're pretty affordable. Check 'em out if your looking for new knobs for your bass.

    Just a heads-up: I am in no way associated with the company/manufacturer. Just a satisfied consumer posting a hopefully informative review of these cool new knobs. (although I did copy and paste the pic below from ebay into my photobucket . . . hope that's ok)

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    Jul 21, 2010
    Looks snazzy, but what are the outer dimensions of these things? Couldn't find any specs on the Knobeez page.
  3. Gentlemen,

    The diameter at the base is 21.80mm or .858”, diameter at the top is 16.00mm or .630” and the overall height is 15.60mm or .614”.
  4. Bill Staudt

    Bill Staudt

    Jun 18, 2002
    Those are EXACTLY what I'm looking for. THANKS!!
  5. Bill Staudt

    Bill Staudt

    Jun 18, 2002
    Got mine today!! VERY PLEASED. Great seller too, hooked me up with an extra as I needed 5.
    These have a very solid feel, clean look, and won’t damage split shaft pots. A+
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    Apr 7, 2004
    These won't work with solid shafts right?
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    Maybe you missed the original post, where a2zbassman said

  8. Knobeez rubber guitar knobs press onto any 6mm or 1/4" pot shaft, split or smooth and will not fall off. No need for a setscrew as they are rubber and expand to fit. Not too mention they are super gripable!
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    Nov 13, 2006
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    I've still got two sets of "original" Knobeez from way back in the 80's, I love those things (problem is - one set is hot pink!), but I currently have a black set on my jazz.

    The new Jazz style knobs are very interesting! Thanks for making these!
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    awesome, i didnt know they still made these. ive wanted some for a while. wonder if they will make them in green?
  11. This is something that I never knew I always wanted...
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    me too!
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    Sep 13, 2008
    Ihad something similar,glow in the dark barrel knobs from the 80's maybe.i'll have a look around i'm sure they are still here somewhere.
  14. Very cool. How 'sticky' are they on the outside? I love rubber knobs but I'm a gigbag guy and rubber knobs always seem to 'grab' the bag on the way in.
  15. Fair warning to all. They are super grippy. Not necessarily "sticky" but they will definately want to grab onto anything, especially your fingers!

    But in all honesty, that was the whole idea.
  16. You should sell singles too, so people can get smaller or larger quantities.

    Also, not sure if you've tried this or tested it, but do these things attract fuzzies? I can't think of a better term for that. Sometimes rubbery and grippy stuff gets like, well, fuzzies and crap stuck on it and its hard to clean. Its not a deal breaker, I'm just cautious buying things I can't play with first.
  17. Last question and I'll quit bugging you and wait until I get to play with the knobs myself. Are these safe for nitrocellulose finishes? I know knobs aren't typically rubbing the body, but I try to keep them set as low as possible for aesthetics and the 2011 summer project bass they are eventually intended for will be done in nitro.
  18. Mine are installed on my KS5 bass which has a nitro finish. So far so good, but it is due dilligence to double check, so I will look up the material spec tomorrow. Fairly certain they are safe on all finishes as the original "Nobease" product was also molded from the same resin.
  19. agreed! I would love to pay you $20 for 5 knobs! I have been looking for something with a lot of friction because I do a lot of pinky volume swells.
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