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  1. Well, not me personally, but the other guys in the band did.
    The guitar player, who has anger issues, had too much to drink and started turning up his amp. Finally he got too loud and the drummer complained that he couldn't hear vocals or anything but guitar. The drummer was getting pissed off about the guitar player.
    After we stopped playing the drummer was telling me how loud the guitar player was and the guitar player started yelling obscenities and pushed the drummer in the back. This turned into a fist fight, but people dragged them away to separate them.
    Of course, all this happened on stage in front of all the people.
    Yikes! How embarrassing ...........
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    Playing with jerks, the guitarist, leads to trouble/s.

    On stage though..... Will make a good story, someday.

    I remember an obnoxious drummer who would throw drumsticks at your back to get your attention. Just trouble.

    How do you feel about it?
  3. I feel for you, LuckyScott, it can be embarrassing to be caught up in that stuff. I once almost quit a band because the guitarist caught a major attitude on stage. He was using an obnoxious dirt pedal along with high gain on his amp to the point where the screeching sound was making people hold their ears, so the venue asked him to turn down. The pouty face followed by the overreaction of turning down his guitar so we could barely hear him then pissed off our drummer, who also let it show in front of the public. I was pretty embarrassed and angry myself but I kept a straight face and finished the set, loaded out and went home to cool off before deciding to stay in anyway and let it slide the one time.

    Poor showmanship is no way to run a band. At least you got to see a fight, maybe there's some entertainment value there. People pay good money to see those lol.

    You subb'd for Jack Bruce in Cream? ;)
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  5. Hi Scott,

    "Yikes!" is right. There's no need for this kind of behavior. I've been incensed at the musical behavior of a few of my bandmates over the years but never have I ever thought of getting physical. Sure, I've had some sternly worded conversations off stage but never anything but "the show" while onstage. I sincerely hope everything can be worked out. Be good.

    Thank you for your indulgence,

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  6. Yeah that does sound like a really bad situation. I’ve had some heated conversations with bandmates over the years. Even got physical with two band members when I was in my twenties. But neither time was it onstage or even at a venue that we played. One was with the guy who was my best man at my wedding and guitar player and it happened at a storage unit rehearsal spot and the other we actually pulled off the road and I had it out with a singer in a parking lot lol. That was back in the days though when I was really trying to make it big. And those guys were and still are like brothers to me. These days I’m much more laid back and really just play for the love of it. I think it’s a disaster that it happened onstage. I would either leave that band or strongly demand that there be no drinking at all at least until after the performance. I recently changed bands about 6 weeks ago. Well new project with three members of the last band. My new band doesn’t even drink at rehearsal and it’s so fun I have no desire to.
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    Normally, we say, fire the drummer. But I think that it should be the guitarist this time.
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  8. Band members who don't respect the band, the audience or themselves enough to stay sober at rehearsal and gigs means it's time to find a new member or a new band. 'Too-loud-guitarists' are already too prevalent of a stereotype without adding alcohol. Good luck with that guy and that band.
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    There’s no excuse for aggressive and threatening behavior, especially assault. No excuse. I will not tolerate a hostile environment — not work, not band, not family, not social. We’re not talking about a couple of 7-year-olds engaged in horseplay; this is an adult — or he is supposed to be. Either he straightens up immediately, shows remorse, gets counseling, whatever, or he’s fired. If neither, I’m out.
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    i my old band the guitarist and drummer where married they were having an argument on stage the drummer picked up a cymbal stand threw it at her husband it missed and hit me in the legs :eek: that hurt chrissy that hurt bad
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    Here's a twist: let the drummer fire the guitarist!

    If that ever happened in a band I was in it would be my last gig ever with that guitarist. Get your ego under control or go pound sand.
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    That’s clearly manipulative bully behaviour. Forget counselling, group discussions etc. If people didn’t learn how to behave in grade school they never will.
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    Anger issues, add to that alcohol... No.

    Tell that guy to seek professional help for his own sake.
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    Just fodder for the stories you'll tell your grandkids. I don't remember most of the 100's of smooth, no-problem gigs I've played, but the bad ones are still fresh in my memory. Unless this guy is God's gift to the guitar world, send him packing. If he's a "friend" then suggest he get help, if not, just cut him loose with a "good luck".
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    That would be my last gig with them.
  16. Drunks that drink too much at gigs and act out are poor business partners. That's not behavior I'd put up with more than once.
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    Yeah.... um.....

    I can put up with a lot.

    I've played lots of gigs with functioning addicts. I've played a gig with the drummer who cheated with my first wife (long story). I've played gigs with a guitar player who knew ZERO about music theory, the notes on the fretboard, chord structure.... nothing. Loud guitarists? Been there.

    Fist fight in front of the audience? I'm out. No notice. No nothing. If you have that in you, you have it in you. You are immature beyond belief. And I'm done.
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    It kills me that people think that kind of bull$#!% is OK at a gig. Go to any other job, drink, and get into a fist fight. See if you've still employed the next day...

    Maybe I'm lucky to have had pro musicians to guide and influence me when I started gigging. I've always treated it like a job (whether playing originals or covers).
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  19. Alcohol, lack or respect for others in the group by fighting on stage?

    Bye bye to them.

    When you said "the others had a bad gig" and not you? People aren't going to necessarily remember that you weren't part of the fight. They're more likely to remember that your band is the one that had members fighting on stage.

    Get away from them so that reputation doesn't follow you when looking for something else.
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  20. thanks for the responses. Yes, Although I would like to mention to the guitarist that he needs counseling on his drinking and anger issues, I don't have much faith that will go over well.
    We have one more show booked at the Whiskey a GoGo July 12th. I think I will do the professional thing and do the gig and then walk away.