Hartke kickback 15, how the hell do i remove the circuit board??

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    Jul 3, 2014
    I can't find much info on working on newer amps, solid state amps. I'm usually pretty good at figuring this sort of stuff out, and being able to see how things are put together, but this one has me stumped. My treble knob broke off, so i have to replace the potentiometer. I finally got the replacement parts, but i still can't figure out how to do it.
    Even if i disconnect everything from the circuit board. I've got the shafts from the pots sticking out the front, and the back side is basically one big heat sink, pressed right against the housing with thermal paste. Even if i got that all separated, it really doesn't seem like there's enough room to pivot the board to snake the shafts through the front.

    Am i just missing something? The housing is one solid piece of metal. I cant get it out the top, i can't pull it out the side. I assume the pot is soldered on the bottom, which i can't get to. Is this impossible without special tools? Can i bend the front of the solid metal housing down? Can i dismantle the potentiometer itself, to leave the metal in place on the circuit board, and squeek in the guys with the shaft? I really appreciate any advice. I got this thing for cheap, and doesn't make any sense to take it to a pro. I was just trying to get it in perfect shape to trade it towards a pawn shop ashdown combo.
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    Why not just call Larry Hartke and ask? His cell number has been posted numerous times all over the Interwebz.
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    Seriously thought, you have the parts, a tech could probably change it out for a minimal bench fee
    Next owner might be happy to see it visited a tech