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Help identifying this 90's Ibanez?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by dusqkee, Dec 23, 2017.

  1. dusqkee


    Jan 29, 2011
    Hey ya'll,

    This is my first post on TB, although I have been reading for years.

    My buddy dropped this bass off with me the other day. He bought it new and it has been sitting in his closet for a number of years. He believes its a 1991 or 1992 Soundgear 1305 or 1405.

    From what I can tell this bass is maybe a 2005 as per the bridge and neck, but I was hoping someone here could identify it?

    Thanks guys!

    ps. this has the easiest playing 5 string neck I have ever played, totally into it.

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  2. hypercarrots


    Jan 28, 2009
    los angeles
    It’s a 92 SR2005
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  3. Reedt2000

    Reedt2000 Supporting Member

    Apr 26, 2017
    Central New Jersey
    VERY nice bass. This was a great time for Ibanez quality wise and this is top of the line! Congrats :thumbsup:
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  4. Ampslut


    May 15, 2017
    Yes, I had a 4 string Musician from that time period that was 1st rate.
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  5. dusqkee


    Jan 29, 2011
    Awesome! Thanks folks.
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