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Discussion in 'Recording Gear and Equipment [BG]' started by Moonsoft, Aug 12, 2007.

  1. Moonsoft


    Aug 28, 2006
    Hello, I'll explain my equipment first.
    I have a SoundCard ESI MAYA44 (quality: 24bits/96000KHz).
    And I have a BOSS GT-6B.
    And a ESP LTD F-104 bass.
    Everything seems nice but then there is a problem.
    When I record to the computer I use a MONO XLR OUTPUT of the BOSS GT-6B and insert it into the LINE/MIC entrance of the ESI MAYA44. When I select LINE in the software the bass will only sound in the left side of the speakers, if I put MIC it will be complete, so I record that way.
    Then after coverting to 44100 KHz the recording, I play it in winamp, and I see a peculiar thing. The frequency visualization (you know those bars that go up and down with the music) only has activity in the lowest bar, mean, no actility in the others, and in general it gets a bad quality sound joining with the other parts of the music, making a restrained effect.
    Does anyone understand what I'm saying, can anyone help me get a better quality out of my BOSS GT-6B?
  2. hunta


    Dec 2, 2004
    Washington, DC
    You need some kind of preamp to boost the signal. You also need to record in mono, not stereo. If you record bass (a mono instrument) onto a stereo track, you will get just a left or right channel recording.
  3. Toneport or Guitarport. Best 100 bucks I have spent in a while.
  4. Moonsoft


    Aug 28, 2006
    There are:


    In price order, is the last one worth the money? does it have better quality or what? If the LINE6 TONEPORT GX can get just as good then I guess I don't need that much or do I?
  5. GX- Mainly to be used for guitar and bass only.
    UX1- Has XLR for mics and more out options
    UX2- Also has Phantom power for vocal style mics that need it.

    If all you are ever going to use it for is bass get either the GZ or the Guitar Port XT (http://www.americanmusical.com. If you check out www.tellhazelrun.com I haven't worked out a final mix yet but I am using the Guitar Port for everything. Bass, Guitar, and Drums (using a mixer for the drums into the Guitar Port). Mine isn't the XT version so I am just using some built in tube pre's when I record. I am upgrading to the UX2 soon but the XT has bass pre's in it as well.

    The XT is 99.99 but comes with a really neat interface. The GZ is 69.99 but looks like it is meant for an overall studio function instead of strictly guitar or bass.

    Either one would suffice for your needs. The Guitar Port also has the ability to use and online interface for drum/jam tracks but requires a subscription for those services but works PERFECTLY fine without paying the extra money.

    Having this has also negated my need of ever needing a practice guitar or bass amp. Either use your PC speaker or some headphones and it is tone heaven.
  6. Moonsoft


    Aug 28, 2006
    I saw the LINE6 GuitarPort XT, it's not 99.9, but it is 175 euros, which is more than 200 bucks.
    What does it have better than the GX?

    Oh, and isn't there a firewire version? I mean, I don't know if the USB can handle 24 bits of speed, can it? o_o''
    So this way I don't need a soundcard right? Can I record it in Acoustica Mixcraft and other normal recording programs or do we need a special software that comes with it?
  7. The Guitar port does hook up USB but I use the RCA outs to a Studio monitor system. I still use an internal sound card (Creative EMU series). It's still needs an internal card I believe. Check the specs on the site I provided. I get zero latency using USB 2.0.
  8. Moonsoft


    Aug 28, 2006
    why do you send the guitar port to a mixer? you don't use USB?
    I only wanted to buy one thing, and not mixer+port+1000 cables.
    I just want to record bass with no quality loss. Is there any device you recommend that can plug directly into my Soundcard? It has 2 JACK entrances so it doesn't have to be a phones cable.
    Anyone? And please don't exceed 100 dollars =(
  9. No, I used the mixer for drums due to the Guitar Port only having one input.

    Get the GX, it hooks up via USB in. Then you run into your soundcard out/in just for reference.

    That simple.

    The USB in handles the input. Then you use your soundcard for output/monitor purposes.
  10. M-Audio JamLab, thirty bucks

  11. Only 1 decent review out of five tho :meh:
  12. I've bought It myself. I don't use the effects, just the recording interface to get my sound into the computer.

    for the money, not bad.

    Imagine how I felt 2 years ago when I had to buy it for 80:bawl:

    I have samples on my music myspace.


    Emg active p-bass --> Wah pedal ---> Graphic Eq ---> Behringer V-amp with Guitar Pro drumloop in the input ---> Jam Lab --> monitor through 150 watt sony speaker system.

  13. Guitar Port samples

    www.tellhazelrun.com Everything on the first song all Guitar Port including drums.

    Bass Practice is direct no effects.
  14. christ, who's playing the bass in that track?

    whoa :p
  15. me :bassist::) :ninja:
  16. *bowing down*
    m(_ _)m

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