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Help solve hum problem on pbass

Discussion in 'Hardware, Setup & Repair [BG]' started by SirPoonga, Feb 12, 2005.

  1. SirPoonga


    Jan 18, 2005
    http://www.mrgearhead.com/faq/diagrams/squier/Squier P-Bass 031-0400.pdf

    Ok, I took my pbass apart to look at the wiring. It doesn't appear to be wired like the pdf file. I am thinking that might be why it is humming.

    It appears the volume pot is wired correctly except the capacitor is going from lug 3 of the volume pot to lug 1 of the tone. According tot he pdf it should go straight to lug 1 and the capcitor should go from lug 2 to ground. Other than that i believe it is wired correctly. Would that cause the hum?

    Background on the hum. The hum would go away when I touch anything metal on bass suggesting a grounding problem. Well, if the wiring is wrong that would be a good reason too.

    Edit: here's a pic of my wiring if you can see it.
  2. SirPoonga


    Jan 18, 2005
    I decided to change the wiring to what I thought was correct according to the pdf. The tone knob actually does something now.
    It use to do something but not much so I thought it was a worthless knob. And there is no more hum. And now that I have flatwounds on and more tone control I can get some deep bass. I like it very much :)
  3. SirPoonga


    Jan 18, 2005
    Actualy, I have a very faint hum now. So I still have to track it down. It is better though.
  4. Perfect-Tommy


    Mar 28, 2004
    I'm far from an expert on this subject. shielding? an electrical minded type want to tackle it?
  5. SirPoonga


    Jan 18, 2005
    The bass doesn't have any shielding, that is true.