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  1. ...and I have a problem. Two years ago I wandered into a local guitar shop on a whim and walked out with an American made Washburn XB-900. This is the first instrument I've owned since 2005, when the birth of our second daughter and some financial strain resulted in me selling the last of my bass gear. It was the first time I'd actually played an instrument since our first daughter was born in 2003. So I signed up for SBL and started lurking here.

    There are now 3 basses, 2 guitars, a keyboard, 4 amplifiers, a pile of random accessories, and the tools to keep all this in working order. It's quite likely that my very next post will have "NBD" in the title, and that could very well be today since FedEx says it's out for delivery. I understand this is called GAS around here. On a camera forum I used to frequent, we called it "enablement". It's dangerous and I have zero willpower. I keep telling my wife "at least I'm not at a bar getting sloshed every night." This tactic is getting less effective the more I use it.

    Anyway, a little about me. I started playing the tuba in the 6th grade. When I got to high school, I joined the pep band and they kept handing me "string bass" parts. Then, the band director said "there's an electric bass in the storage room if you want to try it." It was a Peavey T-40. Shortly after that, I discovered the choir had an American Precision they weren't using. I practiced a lot, took lessons, and gigged a bit around central Missouri.

    I effectively stopped playing around 2003, as mentioned above, and now I'm re-learning everything. It's not like riding a bike, and it's not coming back quickly. Being 43, I don't learn as quickly as I used to. I remember knowing a lot of music theory, but I just don't remember the music theory. That kind of thing.

    At this point in life, we're a little more financially fluid, the kids are teenagers and don't really need me anymore for day to day tasks, and an injury a few years ago has made cycling any distance uncomfortable. So I have a little free time and a little disposable cash, and it's almost like the universe is saying I need to play again.

    I live near Harrisburg, PA with my wife, two daughters, and a dog named Poppy Cotton.
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    Jan 17, 2014
    Dublin, Ireland.
    I think you'll find a lot of similar stories here.
    As long as you're enjoying yourself, and the GAS is not hurting the family finances, carry on.:)
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  3. Yep, the GAS here is contagious. I have a NBD happening today, too, unless delivery is delayed. There are worse things to get addicted to than music. Welcome to the forum!
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    Hook up with live musicians as THE BAND will force you into learning what you need to take the next steps. :cool:

    Jamming circles are very safe. If you are trying everyone will help.
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    Welcome Scott! Great to hear you're playing again.
    There's a difference between g.a.s. and enablement.
    G.a.s. is a never ending need for new gear.
    Enablement would be your wife saying 'All the chores are done, why don't you go hang around the music store for a while. And don't forget your wallet!'
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