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hot patch pedal=?

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by steelhead2, Jun 7, 2011.

  1. ok i'll go fast; lifelong pro.guitar slinger who lived in Reno for 30 years says he has a special pedal he's going to lend me for an evening.

    story goes the inventor`spend all his money on R/D then went thru a divorce,went nuts and only a 100 or so were produced.

    what does it do?,well that's why i'm posting here(did the search function deal)it is supposed to be `better than a sonic maximizer' ensuring every fret/note comes thru clear(i use`clear' loosley here having never played thru one,possibly `pronounced; would be better?) but apparently(and like i posted the man has the credentials) these are desirable,his orig one was stolen and he managed to find another,swears by it and he does studio work as well as live gigs(semi retired).

    and from his story line they were created in the Reno/ Sparks area,anybody ever hear of them or use one?,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,:confused:
  2. He doesn't want you to maybe buy it, does he?
  3. i'm certain of that,deal was i was describing how i was losing tone with some of my pedals IE=like a quarter of the E string down the neck or the higher registers of D,G when using a DOD fuzz pedal with my combo amp,certainly EQ'ing it but between my 2 basses the P doesn't like that pedalblahblah

    gee trying to keep it short here but explanation seems pertinent here so grab your coffee cup:eek:

    i like and practice all sorts of music from country to metal,this guy is playing in about 5 dif. bands filling in for lead guitarists who can't make a show or a couple he plays out with regularly,he is in fact in 2 hall of fames(western swing but he started in Frisco playing acid? rock;)

    anyhoo with him now it's all about clean bass playing tones and in fact one band his bassman is a retired music teacher,,OK enough about his credentials=he's just a really nice guy(most importantly)

    i love distortion(reverb is distortion no?:D) and i've been chasing Flea's tonality over the weekend hence good bright tones from every string is what it's all about(and i only have passive axes) not that i don't have/use pedals,one has 22 FX's

    (sipping my coffee here) hence i dug my 1,000 watt Kilobass head out,gutted the combo power head out of the cab for a 15 inch black widow`cab' stacked with my 4x10=super clean tones no problemo but hey! i'm all for improvement:D

    ok ya'll have a great tuesday and uh,how good is the Fuzzrocious?(i was in fact pondering one of those just yesterday no lie)
  4. visiting You-Tube i see a ton of vidz on various FRocious's,now to get rid of screaming grandchildren:help:,,back to work for me i'll check em out later:bassist:

    (now is this hijacking my own thread or what?:D
  5. NOISE!


    Jun 20, 2004
    In your mind


    thank you.

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