How does Newtone Diamond series strings compare to D'Addario XL?

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    Feb 23, 2011
    As I tune my main 4 string Ibanez Mikro Bass, which has a just 28,6" scale length, in F# standard tuning, 2 half steps above regular 4 string E standard tuning, I use a set made out of single strings, the 2 middle strings actually being guitar strings threaded through the cut off ball ends of bass strings, after much experimentation settling for a gauge .090 - .072 - .054 - .040 set, calculated via the D'Addario String Tension Pro online string tension calculator the low F# string having a tension at about 25 lbs and the remaining strings just about 29 lbs each.

    So I was thinking taking a shot at ordering a custom set of Newtone strings next time, and as far as I can tell from the description it seems like the Diamond line nickle plated steel hex core roundwounds would suit my preferences the best (I would very much like to keep approximately the same measurements as above).

    Now I actually love the sound I get from the D'Addario XL strings I use, and didn't like the tone of the NYXL strings when I tried them, so my question is how does the Newtone Diamond series strings compare to D'Addario XL strings.

    I mean both in terms of tone, longevity, tension, stiffness and feel in general?

    I calculated that with VAT and import taxes a custom Newtone set like this will end up costing me just about the same as if I ordered single string D'Addario XL strings.

    A longer lifetime would be a big sales point for me.
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  2. I'm in the process of modding my Mikro 5 string, and it seems Newtone are the only way I'm going to get the low B in the right length. The stock Ibanez strings were ok but cleaning with Dunlop 55 striped the coating off, I'm using D'Addario short scale EXL160S XL strings now but only for E-G, the B is the Ibanez string. I've been waiting to get the preamp sorted, but I was going to order Newtones... Will be very curious to find out what others think of these strings...
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    Aug 3, 2019
    Newtone are like 10 notches above d'addario. Better on every level. I would never recommend d'addario and after using newtones I prob won't try using kalium again either.