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How many basses do you own? (Currently) Part 2

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by smperry, Jan 23, 2013.

  1. 1

    758 vote(s)
  2. 2

    1,268 vote(s)
  3. 3

    1,319 vote(s)
  4. 4

    1,072 vote(s)
  5. 5 to 9

    2,246 vote(s)
  6. 10 to 20

    738 vote(s)
  7. 21 +

    191 vote(s)
  8. Too many to count

    69 vote(s)
  1. Runnerman

    Runnerman Registered Bass Player Supporting Member Commercial User

    Mar 14, 2011
    Sales Development Manager NN Inc. - Polymet, USA manufacturer of fret wire
    I've been in the 5-9 category for a long time. I've reached the top of that range at 9 and stretching for number 10. I have had one of Bruce Johnson's AMB-2 scroll basses on order for some time. I think I'm getting closer in the queue...Bruce says maybe before the end of the year...depending on his health. For now the updated list is as follows:

    2006 EBMM Bongo 4HH - black sapphire
    1984 Peavey Fury- slant Super Ferrite, natural ash
    1994 Peavey Fury - split p, white
    1985 Peavey Foundation - natural ash
    1994 Peavey Foundation - black
    1985 Peavey Dynabass - metallic grey
    1985 Peavey Patriot - black
    1984 MIJ Squier - SQ serial number, black
    2020 Carlo Robelli B325 Uke Bass
  2. B-Mac

    B-Mac Just like Aretha Sang... R-E-S-P-E-C-T Supporting Member

    How's that Ovation?
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  3. 74hc


    Nov 19, 2015
    Sunny California
    Still the same for me over the last couple of years

    1980 Precision
    2008 EBMM Sterling
    2017 Kiesel Vanquish 5-string

    Still looking for that lottery ticket winner to add

    Fodera Emperor 5
    Something acoustic
    Mesa Subway WD-800 and a Subway 2x10.

    I've added a Markbass LM250 and a GK 15" cab late last year. The GK is good for some of the songs we do, but a 2x10 would be better for the rest. Since the LM250, I've found out that I cannot live without a HPF and LPF.

    I prefer to sculpt my tone with those then use the EQ.
  4. 4sight

    4sight Supporting Member

    Only two now, after buying/selling a dozen or so and building a few from parts.

    1996/7 Yamaha RBX 250 (my first bass)
    2019 Vintage V4 Reissued


  5. Volker Kirstein

    Volker Kirstein Blippy the Wonder Slug Supporting Member

    I'm holding steady at 16...
    bass coll 1.jpg
    The fretless jazz has been sold, and a new Squier Mini P was added, so the total remains the same. I'm going to sell (or part out) the "Surf Green" PJ w/maple board soon, tho.

    bass coll 2.jpg
    I'm also going to sell (or part out) the sunburst "modern" P. The sunburst "vintage" P is a keeper. The Yamaha stick has the pickup wired directly to a jack.
  6. LoveThatBass


    Jun 28, 2004
    2013 Fender FSR Jazz (Hwy one neck)
    2018 Fender Player P bass
    2017 Fender American Pro Jazz
    2015 ESP LTD 5E (5 string)
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  7. Hey there! Quick question: on the 2nd picture, the small bass at the top, is it one of the Fame models that used to be sold by MusicStore?
    & if so, is it good? I sent them an email cuz i couldn't find any info on those, but they never got back to me...
  8. Volker Kirstein

    Volker Kirstein Blippy the Wonder Slug Supporting Member

    It is indeed a Fame M-03, from Musicstore. I like it. The nut is 38mm, and string spacing at the bridge is 19 mm, so it feels like a very compressed jazz neck. It's tuned ADGC, and has that tubby shorty sound in spades.
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  9. Fanks! I read Ur NBD thread! How do U like it now? I see they're sold out on Music Store but not on amazon...
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  10. Volker Kirstein

    Volker Kirstein Blippy the Wonder Slug Supporting Member

    o_O I like it just fine. I don't have much call to use it these days, and I'm not really playing it in practice, but every time I picked it up in the past, I enjoyed it. I didn't have any issues with the extreme short scale. The pickup makes a very convenient thumbrest. I haven't found strings for it, yet, so it still has the factory rounds. I really should bring it here and play it more.
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  11. Thanks for Ur reply... it's funny how little we can find online about these instruments... i'd love to have an inexpensive little travel bass...
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  12. i have 2 in my stable at the moment.

    2001 Warwick Streamette
    2004 Warwick Corvette fretless 20200419_092626.jpg
  13. g-sp0t

    g-sp0t Supporting Member

    Jun 17, 2017

    Sorry, not the best picture. My basement is still a mess. Two and a half years in to the new house and I’m still being lazy.

    From left:

    Fender Duff McKagan Deluxe Precision: stock

    Fender American Standard Precision Bass: LaBella Flatwounds, ‘62 pickup, wife makeup applicators under bridge cover lol.

    Fender American Jazz: Roto 66’s, Warmoth neck, Lindy Fralin pickups (10% overwind for those midz yo)

    Ernie Ball MusicMan StingRay Special 5HH: stock

    Fender PawnShop Bass VI: stock

    Rickenbacker 4003 JetGlo: Roto 66’s, toaster pickup out of a destroyed ‘73 4001 (not mine!) and Lollar Horseshoe Bridge pickup

    Rickenbacker 4003 Walnut: LaBella Gold flatwounds.

    Not pictured:

    EDIT: Crap! Forgot my Upright!

    I have a Fender Jazz Deluxe V that I’m putting back together, albeit, slowly.

    Ibanez SoundGear (Retired)

    Samick Five String (Retired)
    Last edited: Jul 7, 2020
  14. KaraQ


    Apr 19, 2020
    Sacramento, CA
    Had to change my vote, #5 should be arriving in a week or two...:bassist:

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  15. I am now down to three, but mostly play two.

    Custom Atkinson "Pea" Bass, Ibanez SRMS805, and my trusty Yamaha RBX765A (my first big boy bass).
  16. Bleecker

    Bleecker Supporting Member

    Dec 21, 2006
    Westport NY. USA
    I just counted up and listed all my basses. Here's an overview.

    22 electrics including, 2 fretless; 1 short scale; 1 five string
    2 uprights, 1 aluminum, 1 wooden unplayable
    1 ABG, Guild B-30

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  17. rzamites

    rzamites Supporting Member

    Jun 27, 2020
    I have 1 currently, my Peavey B-Ninety. I've got one being built for me, and after selling off a few guitars, will probably buy a Zemaitis. I don't anticipate owning more than those 3.
  18. Aldousv


    Aug 5, 2015
    I am at my all-time highest of 4 but currently selling 2, wanting to stay at 2.

    2001 Modulus VJ- Keeping
    2012 MM Stingray El dorado- Keeping
    1996 Warwick Corvette 5 - Selling
    Custom P-bass- Selling
  19. redstrand

    redstrand Supporting Member

    May 18, 2007
    Saint Louis, MO
    Fool For Four Strings
    Just added two:woot:

    Nordstrand Acinonyx Surf Green
    Fender Jazz with many many mods

    to these
    Modded Fender '51 reissue with Tbird pickup
    Darkstar Fender Frankenstein
    Gibson DC SS with Novak Tbird
    Nash '57 P with Novak Vintage P
    Tribute bass to Dad with Nordstrand Nordenbacker / Powerblade
    Chambered '51 P
    '77 RIC 4001
    '19 RIC 4003
    Rebirth Bass IV
    Epiphone Embassy modded
    Reverend Fatfish 32

    I need help.
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  20. Sure, i'll help: feel free to send as many of those basses as U want my way. We are heading towards another lockdown here in Spain so i am going to have a lot of time to practice...
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