How to get a Growl/Warmth effect

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  1. camsterx


    Jan 12, 2014
    Unlike some people on here i will tell you my gear so you get a better idea and the 0 to ten is the volume levels im very busy during the week so please e-mail me at i will get back ASAP

    Bass guitar:Schecter Omen extreme 4
    Pickups:Schecter diamond bass
    Electronics on the bass:Master VOL/Blend/Active 2-Band EQ

    Amp:Tc electronic BG250 Combo
    Gain:goes from 0 to 10
    Bass:From -5 to 5 i guess -5 means lowest volume
    Middle:Same settings as the bass
    Treble:Same setting as the bass
    Tone print: this setting doesn't matter its just for beaming in special amp/pedal effect from the website
    Master: 0 to ten

    Thanks a million
  2. birminghambass

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    Sep 18, 2002
    Birmingham, AL
    I'd try a different bass. Something passive with alnico pickups.
  3. Raise you neck pick-up.
    Could we get sound clip of the tone your looking for?
    I have found that opinions of what sounds warm and growlly vary quite a bit from person to person.
  4. Crater


    Oct 12, 2011
    Dallas, TX area
    Start by setting the bass/middle/treble controls on the amp to their mid-position ('zero' or 'noon'). On your bass, set the EQ knobs to their mid-positions too. Set the volume on the bass to maximum...set the blend knob to mid-position or towards the neck pickup.

    Set the volume on the amp to "1" (or low) to start. Plug in, turn your amp on, and slowly turn up the GAIN control while you're playing. The GAIN is simply the volume control for the preamp section. As the gain is turned up, the volume will get louder, but the sound should change character too, going from totally "clean" to getting a "growly" sound that changes to a distortion/fuzz sound at the highest gain settings. Dial back the gain to where it sounds good, then set the amps volume to a comfortable level. You want to overdrive the preamp slightly to give that growly sound. Now you can adjust the amp's tone knobs to your preference.
  5. i have that same amp. Do you have the tube drive feature? That adds a little bit of what you might be looking for. I think utilizing gain and the tubedrive knobs will be your best bet with respect to the amp.