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Ibanez SB900LE...need info

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by thrashard340, Jun 28, 2009.

  1. thrashard340


    Jun 15, 2009
    Hey Everyone. I just picked up this used SB900LE today. I caught this in a local CL ad for $120 here near San Francisco. What caught my attention was that this is the Sabre version for the bass. My guitar player back in the day exclusively played on the guitar versions. So this was kind of a throwback for me. What surprises me is the lack of available info about this bass. It didn't seem like a very popular bass.

    Can someone provide some background? Production dates, original list price, and year that this one was produced would help (serial # F024017).

  2. thrashard340


    Jun 15, 2009

  3. jimbilly


    Apr 19, 2006
    I think that serial would make it a '90, and not an '02, but I'm not certain either way.
    I always like MIJ Ibanez, -very cool score! I'll bet that's a great bass.
  4. thrashard340


    Jun 15, 2009
    Thanks everyone. I found the answers I was looking for on the Ibanez thread.
  5. So what does it SOUND like? That's one thin body on that puppy. What are you thoughts on it?
  6. thrashard340


    Jun 15, 2009
    Initially, when I first brought it home, it didn't play well. But the strings were very old and the set up was out of whack. After restringing it and setting up the bass, the neck feels better than my SR400. Both use the same strings (Blue Steel ML). Compared to my SR400, the SB900LE seems to have bright tones, even when the bass is turned up all the way, and the treble turned down. The SR400 has a heavier tone and the versatility to achieve the SB900's brightness. The SB900 feels better in my hands though.
  7. nickafonzu


    Jan 8, 2010
    Houston, Tx
    I bought my first sb900le new in 1992 - I own 3 now and know almost everything there is about them if you ever need some info...
  8. what colors are they?