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Ibanez SR series recessed output jack

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by rd2rk, Oct 12, 2013.

  1. rd2rk


    Jun 29, 2012
    Been to a music store lately? Cables come in those indestructible plastic packages. You can't know if it "fits" until you try it, and you can't try it till you buy it. That's why I asked on a Bass forum with lots of Ibanez users, to get the benefit of their experience.

    As noted, I found a (thought to be lost) monster cable that works, because of the LENGTH of the barrel. Judging by pictures, the Planet Waves cable might work for the same reason. Thanks for the suggestion.
  2. I apologize if my post came across wrong. I have bass monster cables, all bought within the last 3 years. From what I've told, some of the earliest mc's had barrels which were a little larger in diameter than 1/4".
  3. IngerAlb


    May 11, 2007
    Well to be accurate you didn't ask, you went on saying how bad was the angled input implemented, which is not the case - that design was chosen for a reason.

    On the other hand, you can take the bass with you to the store and check if the cable fits of not ;) And no, all instrument cables that are available in my local store are not in plastic packages...it's a freakin' cable, it's supposed to be tested when you buy it because apart from the fitting issue, it may very well be shot - so normally you should be able to test it on the spot.
  4. rd2rk


    Jun 29, 2012
    Actually, I did ask. After making a simple, factual statement (see Fender Stratocaster for a GOOD implementation), not "going on".

    Sure, I COULD take the bass to a store, and MAYBE one of the unpackaged cables (usually the cheapest ones) MIGHT do the job, and maybe I'd just be wasting a lot of time. A forum like this is about asking a wide number of people for their experience, thus saving time, gas and effort.

    Now, maybe you didn't intend to imply that I was an idiot for not being able to figure out your "simple" solution, and I apologize if my reply seemed a bit testy (I guess this one does, too), but my OP was short and concise, and It's been my observation that better quality cables often cost more for a reason - I've NEVER, in the 30+ years I've been using them, had a Monster cable fail on me! More often I lose them by lending my backup to other players whose cheap cables fail - and better quality cables come in the indestructible packages.

    As I mentioned, I found a solution, here posted for anyone who needs this info in the future -

    The problem is the depth of the angled hole, and relative shortness of the gripping area on some cables, which makes it difficult to get a grip on the plug to pull it out. The molded grey/black Monster Performer 500 works because the gripping area on the plug is longer.

    Assuming that neither one of us wants to fight over this, I wish you peace and good rockin'!
  5. rd2rk


    Jun 29, 2012
    My cables are older than 3 years, and the plug is definitely thicker than the newer cheaper version grey/black molded Performer 500 that solved the problem. Guess I'll just have to save the nicer Bass series Monsters for use with my Fenders. Like I said elsewhere, If there's a sonic difference, I sure can't tell! Time will tell about dependability. At least having a backup is cheaper!

    Thanks for your help!

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