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  1. I just thought of this a day or two ago, and I'm sure it's not a new idea, but anyways, I'm in the process of working on solos for college auditions, and I've been just looking for things to play for my own enjoyment and musical improvement. Recently I've been getting better acquainted with the Strauss waltzes. I particularly like Vienna Blood, Op. 354. So I took the liberty of finding a full score and transcribing the violin part for bass. It is mostly in thumb position, as all but a few parts can be comfortable notated in treble clef, but on the other hand it is not extremely high for most of the piece.

    Would something like this be accepted for a college audition, in addition to the other piece that I intend to perform (Eccles by the way, although not relevant)? Vienna Blood contains a mix of difficulties, ranging from the slower melodic parts to the fast runs and sixteenth notes at the end, but it's something that I'd like to attempt. Actually come to think of it, most of it is pretty difficult, considering that it was composed for a different instrument. I know they'd probably like to see your own musicality and not just technical proficiency, although this piece would offer more technical challeges than the Eccles or any other standard audition pieces, but what do you think of the idea? Any comments would be very appriciated.
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    Vienna Blood would not be a good choice for a college audition. The only thing you would use it for is an orchestral excerpt and you wouldn't use the transcribed violin part. Stick with excepted Bass solos for college auditions. If you are playing the Eccles and need another piece of music to go with try the first movement of a concerto such as Koussevitsky or maybe the Hindemith sonata.

    Remember : Almost every college has specific requirements for their auditions so don't go off playing random things. Stick to the requirements and prove to them you are responsible as well as being able to play the bass.
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    I agree with Nick. If you want to get into a college then you need to follow the requirements. Period. There are a lot of stories about Juilliard teachers being upset when people don't prepare the required Baroque Sonata. They are all true. These requirements seem easy but if you're name is Orin O'brien, Eugene Levinson, Al Laszlo or Tim Cobb you can tell how someone plays from the first note. I'm sure Hal Robinson wouldn't be too friendly if someone decided to prepare a scale that wasen't Bb for the Curtis auditions.

    Even if specifics aren't listed, you need to play standard rep.
  4. hmm, really? This actually quite surprises me. So if a phenominal player auditions with something completely out of the ordinary, something well known for another instrument, but never before played on bass, and just nails it, they're going to lose respect from the judges just because they broke form? I know there are requirments, and I do think that they should be followed, but you could not even do a piece like this to show your own musicality in addition to the required things? The requirements are usually something to the effect of pick two contrasting movements of a concerto/sonata and/or another piece of your choice, also contrasting. I know there are standard rep. pieces, but would they really just not even consider you if you chose something different than the expected? I'm just confused, I'm really not trying to be spiteful, this just does not quite make sense to me.
  5. For audition purposes it is a lot safer to play pieces that are standard. Maybe keep Vienna Blood in mind for when you are at college. I just looked up Vienna Blood and am listening to it as I type this. If you can really pull off the style and play it extremely well than it might be good for an audition as long as you have other standard music. Depending on where you are planning on auditioning you might want to hold off on learning Vienna Blood. If you go into an audition and play a piece that is not standard and you don't play it that well the panel probably won't be as forgiving as if you played a standard piece. The judges know the dificulties in standard pieces. In a college audition the teachers should be able to tell your abilities by whatever you play for them.
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