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Ischell microphones systems ?

Discussion in 'Amps, Mics & Pickups [DB]' started by kissthatfrog, May 28, 2011.

  1. kissthatfrog


    May 28, 2011
    I'm French and I search on the forums in France and other country some informations about DoubleBASS microphones. I discovered your forum is very interesting and I read the sticky that has lots of microphones and other amp informations. I am looking for a good contact microphone for DoubleBASS. I am a bass player for a long time and I would put myself on bass for an acoustic band , but the problem of sound and a microphone slows me getting started.
    I want a contact microphone because I do not want problems with feedback and return of the other drum instrument ... etc. as I hear too often this kind of problems with micro air live or on the forum.
    I seek to have a sound closer to the sound of a DoubleBASS without amplification, I would like to keep the sound natural DoubleBASS but have enough volume to play with drums etc ... I discovered your forum with a link
    FORUM DE LA CONTREBASSE • Quelqu'un connait Ehrlund Microphones http://www.ehrlund.se/ : Amplis / Micros / Pickup
    on a French forum about Ehrlund Microphones.
    He also talks a lot about Ischell system which seems to be a microphone that maintains a very acoustic sound. So I'm looking for info on this microphone that seems little known because I just find informations on their website with the comments of musicians
    and on this forum where there are a buzz about this microphone and "a lot" of musicians have buy it.
    FORUM DE LA CONTREBASSE • Système Ischell : Amplis / Micros / Pickup
    Does somebody Ischell knows?
    Someone would have it any informaion on this microphone?
    Are there any other microphones that have a very acoustic sound?
    Shertler seems to be a reference but what do you think is the one that keeps the sound more natural DoubleBASS?
    I will play with a sound system so that the amp does not distort the sound of doublebass.
    Excuse me for my English, but I am French and I just forgot to do a regular English so I Played and google translate is not very precise ... I hope that my message is understandable ..

    Thank you ... the Frog :)
  2. hofner


    Dec 7, 2003
    Why don't you ask directly on the french forum ?
    Ishell is a french pu, and as we said on "forum de la contrebasse", its a very nice soundin pick up, very acoustic and clean.
    Howewer, as most "contact" ones, it take few times to find the right spot on the bass to have "the" sound you need.
    This done, it sound very good, but could lack of volume, as we experienced few times, depending the amp used.

    The Scherlter you talk about is probably the "DynB" which is another contact pu, just like the Erlhund.

    amitiés !
  3. kissthatfrog


    May 28, 2011
    Thank you for your info and what to ask directly on the French forum I did not need to because this issue of the best contact microphone for an acoustic sound with a DoubleBASS is often asked as I read everything :) Just I want some more info on big forum altogether. Talk Forum Bass is a big, bigger even than the one I read everything and I thought there might be someone who knows the micro Ischell or other brands of contact microphone and a good information relative to my research.
    Yes I was talking about shertler DynB.
    I want a microphone to sound as acoustic as possible as bassist I do not want to have the doublebasse and have a sound similar to a bass :meh: I'm looking to have a sound that leads me to change my game to more of "sharpness" and "purity" should I grow old I seek less energy in my game and play will make me sound good! :)
    I think his intent on playing a lot in the game that is why it takes time before I invest in a good DoubleBASS and the sound system and microphone that fits to my research.
    Especially since I was little long attracted the DoubleBASS but after a concert by Avishai Cohen "Aurora Tour" last year, I saw the DoubleBASS in a new light ... it was very beautiful. It made me want to play this instrument to go to other style.
    I often read or speak often with musicians who are frustrated with their sound when he sonorise their acoustic instruments and this problem is more with recurrent DoubleBASS ...

    The frog
  4. hofner


    Dec 7, 2003
    As soon as you put a pick up on your bass you loose the 'acoustic" sound. All you can get is to try to get the best sound for your ears, talking live music, on stage , rehearsal, and not studio recording of course.

    Most of contact pu's have the same problem : the "sweet spot" on bass is very difficult to get and sound can change for a millimeter.

    talking about Ishell and this forum, well, talkbass is probably the biggest forum about upright bass, yes, but Ishell is almost confidential at this time, and i doubt that only one had been sold overseas. Once again, the main source for reviews is on contrebasse.com, in France. And you can contact the maker himself, he's very cool and give all informations you"ll need.
  5. kissthatfrog


    May 28, 2011

    Thank you for your help. I'm feel like a little poor frog lost in the jungle of DoubleBASS microphone :).
    I followed your advice and I contacted by phone Ischell. Indeed as you said, he told me that this is a young company and it sells abroad has little time for they sell mostly France, (many with the net) and some in Europe and very little to the usa.
    He's a cool guy, very open to explain. He speaks French as it is a French company :smug: He also explained everything to microphone placement, etc. ....
    He also reassured that he can be returned if I am not satisfied, it is 15 days Money-back test is cool! In summary it is taking the time to find the ideal placement. He confirmed that the placement and pressure on the microphone witch is essential to have the maximum potential of the capacity of this microphone.Because this kind of microphones are very sensible for the placement, as you told me too.
    For sound, it's a matter of taste with this microphone you need to love the acoustic sounds . He confirmed that it is a sound
    very sound, "neutral" changes only very little of the natural doublebass sound. So if i buy a doublebass with bad sound , no miracle , the sound with a microphone will be bad too ...:D

    I also contacted a DoubleBassist friend who plays with David Gage who likes his sound it has, but he has too many
    feedback problems and after having discussed and speak about microphone , amp etc... He gonna help me and seak for himself to find better microphone than David Gage, and also the sound it's always a challenge for an acoustic instrument...To find something like acosutic instrument or could be with effect or change kind of sound with a same micro and amp ...
    I found the sound of his David gage not bad but not enough natural sound to my taste but I have little experience in the sound of amplified DoubleBASS. May be it's his amp or doublebass who don't really satisfy my ear :confused:
    I do not know if exist a more acoustic contact microphone ? the audio wave that I found on the site or forums are always a little deformed by compression mp3 quality of recording etc. ...
    Live is that we can best judge of his type and compare in a same condition.
    For the David Gage, I do not want because I do not want to be bothered by feedback, I have read several times on the forum that is sensitive to feedback and my friend confirmed to me!
    I ordered via the net, the two microphones; Erlhund and Ischell because they are not available in stores. It's 15 days of testing, satisfied or refunded for the 2. Erlhund I ordered the music from Lando. It's also better to test them for having a home several days and take the time to seek the better placement and to compare the sounds which is much harder to do in a store. Sound of other instruments, availability, time constraints etc. ...
    I am very curios to test and as I have no bass and I do not yet really play.
    I'll do the tests in this musician friend who also seeks a new microphone to replace his David Gage.It is a confirmed doublebassist and I count on him to see the potentiality of each of the microphones. We will also go to a store and try all those shertelr dynB available store.
    I go for a trial period of full micro bass and hope to hear the sound that will give me the envy to start playing the doublebass!

    The frog :)

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