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JamLink For Remote Rehearsal

Discussion in 'Live Sound [BG]' started by musicman7722, Feb 10, 2014.

  1. musicman7722

    musicman7722 Supporting Member

    Well I have found virtually nothing on this system so here I go.

    For those not up on this it is technology that allows you to rehearse with others online. In my situation I joined a local band that half the members live an hour plus away. Add to the distance I broke my arm 2 months ago and don't want to drive that far due to it as well. I picked up a pair of these boxes from www.musicianlink.com for $375 for the pair. So far we have had 3 rehearsals. The first was really bad. Pops, noise etc but we finally got our connection hardware taken care of and the last two have been very satisfactory. So far it is just two guitars, bass and three vocals. We will add in the drummer soon.

    So anybody else doing or done this?:bassist:

  2. atticpenny


    Jan 5, 2011
    Subscribed. I'm very curious about any and all of the internet-based band rehearsal programs out there. Seems odd that that musician link requires a "special box." Seems like software should be able to use any intrument interface into the computer. I wonder if there are options out there like that.
  3. Very cool. How it the latency?
  4. musicman7722

    musicman7722 Supporting Member

    To answer the first reply - yes there are some software versions out there. I did a Google search and it was slim pickings. The software solutions of course required you have a computer that was sound ready which i didn't have. Then you had to do some playing around with your router and firewall so I moved on.

    The JamLink box has a 1/4" in jack and a 1/8" mike in and 1/8" headphone out. We use a small mixer into the 1/4" in and the each location takes the headphone out and places it onto a rolls unit.

    Latency for me is fine. I had no issues. I miss the eye contact but for me right now I am just learning the arrangements with the guys. :hyper: