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Japanese Jazz Bass Active controls help!!!

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Goodebassman, Mar 11, 2013.

  1. Hi

    I have just picked up a great MIJ Jazz Bass circa 93/94 but it has a unique control layout which I am having trouble getting to grips with. Cannot find any other like this or any info to help me out. It has the standard 3 pot layout with the addition that all 3 are stacked pots. There are also 2 toggle switches - 1 under first pot and 1 under 3 pot. The top pot on control one seems to be overall vol control but cannot work out rest. Obv there is active/ passive switch but the controls dont seem to be the usual vol/vol/tone in passive mode, in fact any no eq controls in passive at all. Also the active eq is v confusing, not sure which is pickup select or blend etc. Any ideas or help would be appreciated
    Serial No is O 067896 if it helps?
    I have included pic which shows all controls except toggle switch under 1st pot.

    Cheers Dan



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  2. All I can tell you is that having the controls of an active bass act weird in passive mode is normal. You'll usually be left with a Master volume, a pickup select switch, and maybe a master tone control. They are generally not meant to be used passive except in a pinch.
  3. After thinking about it, I think your bass has a John East J-Retro preamp in it. Which is a good thing, if you like that sort of thing.
  4. Yeah I realise that - but all I seem to have is master vol and nothing else in passive.
    I have had many diff active configs on various basses over the years - this just seems a little confusing to me tho. Dont get me wrong I am getting fantastic sounds from it - just really wanna clarify each control so I know what I am doing rather than just twiddling like a loon lol!!!

  5. Check John East website. Pretty sure that's what you've got there.
  6. Indeed - looks like u knocked the nail on the head!!!

  7. No problem Dan. Nice pre, I have one.
  8. By the way Dan, something to be aware of-- the Bass control is boost only, so don't leave it at the center detent unless you want 50% bass boost.
  9. Yeah I read that. Checked out the John East site - a very nice bit of kit and a real bonus on a bass that cost me just over £600!
    Had time to give it bit of a blast today, sounds sweet as a nut and that pre gives pretty much all I need.
    Cheers for clearing up the mystery
  10. Yes, that is indeed a very nice find. Seems like a really nice bass generally. Congratulations.

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