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  1. Do Jazz basses have more boom and thump coming from the A string? Usually it's the E string that is more dominant in my previous basses, but now that I have this new Jazz I find that I have to have the E string more closer to the pups than the A and D string to get it to keep up with the other strings. Just wondering if this is normal.
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    May 17, 2009
    First off what model of J bass do you have? More details will help us help you better. Secondly, because of lack of details I can only say typically uneven string response can be the fault of bad string/s, or poorly or cheaply made pickups
  3. It's a MIM Jazz, I've tried 2 sets of strings yet I still feel like the E isn't dominant enough, it's the A and D strings that seem to be more present in the mix, also the E sounds slightly harsher generally like it's a bit more scooped sounding than the other strings...in contrast it seems ok when played acoustically - maybe still just a tad on the quiet side but only on a few frets.

    I was thinking it could be the pickups but perhaps it's the bass as well, some people say Jazz basses are a bit 'thinner' sounding than other basses - maybe this is more pronouned on the E string because I'm so used to boomy loud E strings.

    I can compensate for it but I want my strings to sound as even as possible - I use a pick and also like to add a slight growly distortion sometimes and that needs even sounding strings or it sounds not so great.
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    Fender Jazz basses can be quirky instruments - and the MIM's seem to be some of the quirkiest.

    One of the things I learned about Jazz basses in the 60's (ya, I am that old) is that you get a fatter sound when the volume controls of both pickups are set somewhere between 75%-80% open. It has to do with the way the pickups load each other. That's the way I operate my MIM most of the time - both pickups on at the same level around 75%.

    Whether this solves the problem you are having with uneven levels only you can tell. But try the 75% solution and see if it cures about 75% of your problem.
  5. I have the volumes at about 90% at the moment, it does cure about about 50% of the problem, if they are running dimed then the e string becomes snarly and a little out of phase sounding but strangely the other strings don't suffer as much.

    I should add that when playing with my fingers I don't really notice a problem, a pick seems to make the e string less full sounding.
  6. I've solved the problem

    I put a shim in the neck pocket - a small piece of sandpaper, this means that there is now considerably more downwards force on the bridge saddles - the e string has suddenly come to life, it's never sounded so good! it's so full and punchy now, In fact everything is generally sounding better. :hyper:
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