Looking for something new: Mustang? Starbass? Anything?

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  1. Hi guys!

    During the last years, i always played with modern sounding basses, such as Warwick and Spector basses... and i still love them!
    But i'm trying to find something new for me to play.

    I recently found a Fender Mustang from the Pawn Shop series, when going in one of my local stores. I really liked it, and think that i might buy it. But it's a 4 string, and i really feel better with 5 strings. I somehow get bored when i don't have a low B, so i'm really hesitating.
    The most important thing that i didn't like about it was the annoying noise i had, when hitting the strings too hard.
    Would lowering the mic totally remove this problem? I'm not familiar with the Fender mic.

    I also heard about the Warwick Rockbass Starbass 5 string. I managed to find some videos on youtube, and it seems to be quite a good bass. But I can't try it, as no shop around me has it.
    Did anyone play it? How does the Rockbasses feel? Would the 5th string sound ok on a "cheap" Rockbass?

    If you think about any another bass that would really sound different from what i already have, please tell me! ;)
  2. Ever consider getting a 4-string and downtuning to BEAD?
  3. I don't really like playing with this type of tuning. I prefer standard EADG or BEADG.
  4. If you're looking for a five string in a passive/vintage flavor, I'd start by looking at Precision and Jazz. In addition to only having four strings, the Mustang is a short scale.

    If you're looking at hollow or semi-hollow, you might want to compare the Star Bass with the Ibanez Artcore 5. I've never played one, so I can't recommend one or the other, but they are similar in design and price, I think.
  5. I already tried a Jazz and a Precision. I made some studio recordings with those basses, so i know them quite well. But the Mustang is more original, as it's a short scale and has this strange humbucker. I don't want to replace my Thumb. It will still be my main bass. I'm just looking for something really different from what I have.

    The Starbass is a bit more expensive than the Ibanez. I tried an Artcore in a store once, and didn't really like it.
    From what I heard on youtube, the Starbass really sounds better than the Artcore, to my ear.
  6. I managed to find some reviews of the Mustang, but i didn't find a lot of things about the Starbass. Is anyone using it here?
  7. Anyone?
  8. Joel Schirripa

    Joel Schirripa

    Dec 21, 2013
    maybe try a gibson bass, they're pretty different from say a jazz or a precision but they are pretty cool, can't remember the model I played in my music store but it was enjoyable definitely. I tried a corvette rockbass in that same store after liking what I heard on youtube, didn't feel good at all and I put it down immediately, IMO they are not very good.
  9. I had the same feeling as you with all the rock basses i tried. They really sound good on youtube, they look sexy, but they aren't worse the price when you try them in a store.
    I definitely love the look of the RB Starbass, but i cannot try it, so it's hard for me to make a decision. Unless someone tells me that the RB Starbass really superior compared to other basses from the RB series...
  10. joebar


    Jan 10, 2010
    I have a Korean pro series star 5
    awesome bass in every way.
    classic warwick growl with just enough roundness and warmth to give a nod to a semi hollow design.
    these basses are seriously excellent and have a decent B.
  11. The Pro Series Warwick sound quite good, but i'm really not sure about the quality of the Rock Bass series...
  12. Joel Schirripa

    Joel Schirripa

    Dec 21, 2013
    I really was looking forward to purchasing a rockbass double buck corvette because of the price, tone and features but then I played it. I was in the city and my local music store was right around the corner so me and my friends went to to take a look. was not happy with the feel of the bass whatsoever, it felt really cheap and honestly my squire jazz sounds and feels so much better and it's about half the price too. I would try out a squire mustang if I were you, have heard very good things