looking to downgrade from SVT-CL

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  1. In short, my loud rock band is breaking up, and I will be switching primarily to jam spaces and smaller venues. The SVT-CL has become more of a burden (80lbs) and I'd like to purchase something slightly more portable, but not lacking too much punch. I prefer Ampeg, and something in the $500 range. Thus far, I have only researched the Ampeg PF-500, and it seems like it would meet my criteria. Thanks in advance for any suggestions!
  2. hdracer


    Feb 15, 2009
    Elk River, MN.
    If you're looking to downgrade from a SVT, the PF-500 is about as low as you can go.

  3. Alright, so something in the middle of rock bottom and damn near perfect would be what? I am keeping the SVT for larger gigs by the way.
  4. jason the fox

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    Jul 2, 2013
    Nova Scotia, Canada
    I think the PF-500 would be a good choice. Hell, even the PF-350.
    You could probably find a used SVT-3Pro in that price range too, and the 3pro is a great amp. Love mine.

    Are you looking for something that can come close to the SVT-CL sound?
  5. SLIGHTLY more portable and you won't miss your SVT-CL for a minute: Ampeg V4/V4B.
  6. NWB


    Apr 30, 2008
    Kirkland, WA
    Probably a used Aguilar TH500 would do the trick nicely.

    It has some very nice toobish rock tones available, loads of power, and under 4 lb.
  7. jason the fox

    jason the fox Often rocks and rarely rolls.

    Jul 2, 2013
    Nova Scotia, Canada

    Ahh yeah.. I forgot about those. I've never played through one but I heard they were great. I know a guy who has one, and he tol me he actually prefers it over his SVT-CL.

    Hard to find though, I think they've been out o production for a while.
  8. sounds great, everyone! I will do some research on those models. Much appreciated!
  9. Fretlessbaby

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    Mar 6, 2013
    Check out the Ampeg SVT 7 Pro. Great sound, great price, & only 15 pounds.
  10. Klonk


    Apr 28, 2011
    Ampeg B100-R is my portable combo alternative to my SVT-VR rig. Enough sound for me on jams or blues gigs, at pubs or smaller outdoors gigs.
  11. +1 for the TH500. I bought one intending it to be a practice amp only keeping my SVT-CL for gigs. I ended up liking the TH500 so much (tone, power and portability) I sold my SVT-CL.
  12. Blairb


    Nov 1, 2007
    GK MB800. I've owned several Ampeg SVTs and loved them all, but I'm telling you the MB800 is just a crazy good amp and it has more than enough fire power.
  13. DocGeorge

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    Feb 6, 2011
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    Check out the SVT-6 Pro. Almost the same sound as the CL but with a MOSFET power section. I love mine.
  14. two fingers

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    This is a really good suggestion for tone, but again, only slightly lees to lug around than the SVT. I realize you said the you prefer Ampeg, but let me humbly suggest you try out a Mesa Walkabout head. It does the fat, warm thing like few others can, and I haven't met a cab yet that doesn't LOVE that head. Once I got it, and my Magnavox era V4, I no longer own an SVT.

    You can sneak up on either of those two amps every now and then for $500 used and you will love either of them.
  15. beans-on-toast


    Aug 7, 2008
    Yes a V4B.

    Ampeg plans to reissue that model. I figure some time between now and January 2014 at NAMM. What they figure may vary. :p
  16. whitespikebass

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    Feb 19, 2013
    Austin, TX
    Man, I had a V4... a vintage one. I loved the tone but I found that there's just wasn't enough headroom. And I was playing to 50-200 people. Nothing huge. I ended up with an SVT and am in the same boat you are. I am keeping that bad boy, but I do need something for when it's just overkill. I think I will end up getting an SVT-3PRO and one ampeg cab. Either a 2x10 or 1x15.
  17. Used 7pro. Done and done.
  18. meatwad


    Apr 9, 2008
    Smallville, USA
    An SVT-III PRO served me fine in place of my CL temporarily, and is definitely a great amp in it's own right. But IME, by the time you add the weight of a rack, power strip, ect.. you've likely actually gained some extra weight over the CL to lug around.

    edit to add -

    Meant to say also, if I were to drop my CL from the rig, it would be for a either a GK RB700-II, something Aguilar, or possibly even a Hartke HA3500.
  19. JimmyM

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    They're bringing it back. From the hints they've been dropping on their Facebook page, you should be hearing something in early August, but it's definitely happening.

    You might also check out the PF800 if you can pony up an extra couple hundy. 800w seems like overkill, but extra wattage really seems to help micros.
  20. sedan_dad


    Feb 5, 2006
    Another vote for the 3Pro. I leave it in the truck I use it so much.