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  1. Hello TB,

    I've narrowed my search down to MarkBass for a new Amp/Cabinet and I had a few questions for you current MB users.

    I'm looking at the Little Mark Tube 800 for the amp, but is there a difference from the tube 800 versus without the tubes? Obviously one has tubes and one doesn't, but wanted to hear what everyone thought.

    I'm also going with the 410 cabinet, but what are the major differences between the front and rear ported. I typically don't mic the cabinet (although I never rule it out), so the front ported is not an issue for me. I want the ability to add a 15 to it as well.

    Thoughts? Thanks for your help!

  2. Why do you want to add a 1X15 ?

    What is to be gained by mixing speaker sizes ?

    Do you realize that most 1X15's only put out about the same as a 2X10 ? That 4X10's usually get louder and lower then most 1X15's ?
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    Can someone explain this to me in the most basic of terms. please avoid too many technical terms... I've come across this on TB before but had trouble following the discussions. I was just always told as a wee lad that bigger speakers could handle bass better... is this just at lower volumes? or a lie? i mean i have access 2 sets of studio monitors of the same make with different sized cones a 6" and an 8" and the 8's are definately more bassy...

    i realise this should probably not be posted here but hopefully its appropriate as the OP may need this info too and all my TB search results go over my head :)
  4. In short, a speakers size tells you nothing more then it's size, and beaming properties.

    There are 10" subwoofers, and 15's used in guitar rigs.

    I suggest reading the FAQ's at the top of this forum page.
  5. bassplayer22,
    Hopefully, I can give a 'Coles Notes' version of mixed cabinets.
    10"x10" (circumference) x 4 (spkrs)=400 sq inches of speaker in a 4x10
    15"x15" x 1=225 sq inches of speaker in a 1x15
    When you plug in your amp and distribute the power (say your 800W Markbass) each cabinet would get the same amount of power. Based on speaker sq inches, the 4x10 will be louder than the 15". You will never hear the benefit of the 15" over the 4x10 and the 15" will get all the power whereas the 4x10 will split the power to 4 speakers. The 15" will start to stress before the 4x10. This is the quick version. If I have anything wrong can any other TBs please help? Thx.
    Sorry, I can't help you on your original Markbass amp request.
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    The area of a 10" circle (we are not worrying about surrounds) is 78.5 in^2, so four would be 314 in^2. A 15" circle would have an area of 177 in^2.

    This part is right though.
  7. Thanks, CL400Peavey!