money orders safe?

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    We've all heard about the fake money orders floating around. Are they safe to accept anymore? I have someone from the UK interested in buying a portable DAT recorder I have for sale. He wants to pay via money order. Can I check the authenticity of the money order at any bank?
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    Just tell him you're going to wait for it to clear... take it to a tellar at your bank and cash/deposit it right there... wait a few days, check your account and make sure you have the funds, then send away... that's generally what I do if I feel it's awkward...

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    The safest and easiest way from out of the country would be to have a wire transfer sent from his bank to yours. If you present a money order from outside of the states, your bank is probably not going to cash it, but take it for deposit only. In this case, there will be a hold placed on it, up to 11 business days, depending on the amount and your relationship with the bank.