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    how many of you are moving away from using a pedalboard to carry your pedals? i've seen guys like Janek Gwizdala for instance just carrying their pedals around in a small pelican case and just patching them together night after night.

    I see it as more flexible because you can pick and choose what pedals you wanna use each night and set up your rig for that specific show.

    I've got all of my gear in a Mono producer bag. This holds my Mesa D800, 1/4" cables (2), Speakon cable, power supply for amp, small power strip extension cord, Boss sized stomp boxes (4), pedal power supply and daisy chain along with some coupler cables.

    I just wanted to see how many of you guys are going this route and loving the portability and flexibility it provides.
  2. Travelling players are making choices like that because it is a way to save money and time at the airport but I'd bet given the chance they would be using a board for convenience, safety and reliability. Bottom line as record sales continue to decline and touring expenses and income are going other places than musicians pockets the budget to travel with gear, luxury or comfort is a thing of the past.
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    I don't think he necessarily does it because of the flexibility, I think he does it because he really likes his pelican case for traveling. Also I think he actually bought a pedalboard recently.
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    I've watched some of janek's YouTube vlogs, and in some of them, if you catch a glimpse of one of his walls, it looks like there is a shelf that extends much, if not all, of the length of the wall...that dude has got a pile effects...he probably just doesn't want to restrict himself to a board just because he doesn't want to, who knows, maybe he will answer....different strokes, you know...I didn't have a board forever because I never saw myself using a lot of effects and ended up getting a compact board that makes good use of space because, again, I don't see myself having a lot of effects...I don't go very often with my pedals, so it's sort of convenient to just have them all in one clean spot, without them being a mess of wires
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    I've never had a board. Hell, I just got a pedal power supply recently, but only cause the bad monkey (awesome and cheap OD) i picked up had a clipped battery wire. But, then again my pedal "rig" is boss tuner -> 90s russian ehx small stone --> bad monkey --> ehx big muff bass deluxe --> amp.

    I think tho for a bassist with few effects or one that changes up their effects chain all the time, a board is unneccesary or a nuisance.
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    Apr 25, 2013
    now here
    I carry any pedals I will be using on a specific gig in a backpack along with the necessary cables power source and accessories.
    As soon as I received my FEA Labs Opti-FET I only use this right now so carrying that plus a tuner and practically both take 9V batteries.
  7. Each to their own but I got tired of tearing down and setting up three pedals. When I was getting one more effect I thought a board would be necessary and although it's heavy, the convenience has won me over.
  8. I'm a big fan of janeks playing and watch his vlog every day. He's made a goal for himself to vlog everyday for a year and there's a ton of useful information in his vlogs about everything from how to fly to a gig to various basses, pedals, and a lot of really good music knowledge. If you're going to buy instructional books for bass I recommend his. He has more than 100 pedals. And he owns several pedaltrain boards which he mainly only uses occasionally for some of his baked potato gigs with Bob Reynolds and less and less it seems lately. I think he's gotten in the habit of not using a board because he's been dealing with flying to other countries a lot for his last minute world tour. I think if I was in a band where I used more effects I'd probably get a gcx rack switcher or similar product and have all the pedals a rack and just have a footcontoller on the floor. But I play in a rock band and my board only consist of wireless/tuner, fuzz, overdrive/distortion, and delay. Janek is actually the reason I bought my nova repeater btw. Love that delay. But yeah different situations require different setups. Janek never needs much amplification because he mainly plays improvised jazz and there's no loud drums or guitar going on and when he does bigger production stuff he uses in ears. I personally like using a big rig and a small board and in ears aren't always an option for me because we occasionally play some small gigs where the bass doesn't even go in the PA. I have other needs that are different. For example I don't always get to do an hour soundcheck and taken my sweet time getting my gear off the stage. I have to be able to setup and get my stuff off the stage after the set quickly because we play originals hard rock and we always play with other bands.
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