Musicmaster bass serial number mystery

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    Aug 2, 2016
    I've got what I assume is a '71 Musicmaster bass, but there are a few anomalies.
    First, the serial is earlier. 271717. This serial falls smack in the middle of 1969 and is the earliest serial I've seen on a Musicmaster bass. I've removed the neck and there is no date written or stamped.
    The pickup code is from the end of 1970, which makes sense.
    Also, the back side of the pickguard is pearloid while the front is not. I've found through research that this was fairly common of 68,69,70 strats. Using up old pickguard material I guess. assumption is that this is a very early '71 and they were just using up older parts to put them together and it happened to get a 1969 neck plate. Is this a logical assumption?

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