My Bass Is Picking Up Glenn Beck...

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  1. ...or what sounds like Glenn Beck.:eyebrow: I'm sitting here at my computer playing some tunes when the phone rings. I set my bass on the bed that's right next to the computer desk. It's my mom telling me stuff I already knew so the conversation was only 5 minutes long. When I hang up the phone I hear a radio playing somewhere. I look around and find that it's coming from my amp. I'm a little perplexed with this. Should I be concerned since it's a brand new bass? Should I email the builder? Should I care? I've never heard this before from a bass. I've had my guitars pick up stuff, usually through the effects, but this is just straight from the jack to the amp with a monster cable. Will this be a problem playing live or playing through a wireless?
  2. LOL. That's a good bass!:)
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    That really sucks. Too bad you didn't get Sports Center instead. I hate Glenn Beck!!
  4. i've been away from America for too long, I think...

    who's Glenn Beck? :confused:

    by the way, the inductance and capacitance of your pickup/amp circuit has obviously created a tuned circuit and the bass is transmitting radio frequencies...

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    Bass and/or cord = antenna and amp+speaker transmits the frequency that it happens to attract. I've had that happen on rare occasions, though it's been a long time. Congrats! You can probably get rid of it by physically moving the bass, amp or changing the power cable to a different plug on the other side of yer room.
  6. Nuke it from orbit.
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    Glenn Beck? Good Lord! Scrub that bass good and clean!

    Beck is an idiot.
  8. I had a lot of RFI (radio frequency interference) coming through several of my amps in my studio, until I got a Monster Powerpro 2500 power conditioner. That baby cleared it right up. I heard they have an inexpensive device at radio shack that will eliminate RFI, as well...
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    Just wrap it in tin foil...:D
  10. No, that's not true, and had you looked through the thread, people did explain. Now, wrap your head in tinfoil, and sit quietly.
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    hahahaha thats going in the sig if it fits..
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    What is that Radio Shack device you were referring to, I need one of those, more for when my single-coiled fretless picks up a cheesy Top-40 station.
  13. Yeah, I wanna know too.
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    There is your problem. You're using a crappy cable. The shielding on the inside isn't braided, it's just wound... So over time the shielding unravels letting in sound waves.

    Not to mention gold plating is crap, since it's over the 1/4" measured metal, two opposing metals oxidize, raising the noise level and lowering your volume output. Not to mention it makes the diameter larger then 1/4" damaging your 1/4" jack, causing more noise.

    Also the thing layer of crap on the outside of gold plating rubs off easy, exposing the bare "gold plating" which will also suffer some damage, further raising the noise:level ratio.

    The difference between a $10 cable and a $50 monster cable is pretty much nothing.

    Invest in a real cable, you'll hear a noticeable difference.

    Regards, ~Tim. Sound Engineer.
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    I make my own cables from Canare wire and have no issues..
  16. Thanks for the info. BTW, what's a good cable? I always thought that Monster put out good stuff. I don't know all this tech stuff, I just play,:bassist:, but I need to know it.
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    Mogami cables are a little better then monster at least the nicest your going to get in Guitar Center.
  18. Rakie

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    Monster makes some of the worst and most overpriced products available. They are snake oil salesmen.

    I make cables using Neutrik Connectors and Canare cable. IMHO There is nothing out there thats better... Mugami is OK, but they deteriorate over time, because they don't have woven shielding like Canare does.
  19. So what's something I can pick up at the store or online using those same materials, brand name wise?
  20. Rakie

    Rakie Let me take you down, 'cause I'm going to...

    You cant, those are built yourself. A few members on this forum Make them, I am one of them but since there is a seller on here offering what I offer I'm not going to bother with the TB Bazaar section.

    BTW, if there were a manufacturer that built them, expect to pay in the $100+ price range...

    Monster *JUST* started making cables with woven shielding... They start at $125, and they still suck due to the craptastic gold connectors.