My new custom P/MM 5 string KOCA bass

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  1. After a long research & even a longer decision period, my custom bass project is finally finished and i wanted to share the joy with you :)

    I already have a G&L L-2500 (2 humbuckers) and a Ibanez SR-1405 (2 single coil pickups) so i wanted a P/MM configuration.

    I really liked Delano pickups and preamp; very clean and powerful and also very good chosen frequencies on the eq, no noticeable volume differences between active/passive.

    Thanks to luthier Erdem Koca, the neck is very fast and easy to play, the fretwork and finish is amazing, also the B string is very tight and useful, better than my other 2 basses. It weights 4.2 kg (9.25 pounds).

    Body: Honduras Mahogany
    Top: Flame Maple / Cocobolo
    Neck: 5 piece Wenge (with Carbon Fiber Rods)
    Fretboard: Ebony
    Nut: Warwick Just A Nut III
    Frets: Warwick Bell Bronze Frets
    Bridge Pickup: Delano MC 5 FE/J
    Neck Pickup: Delano PMVC 5 FE/M2
    Preamp: Delano Sonar 3 MS/E
    Tuners: Hipshot Ultralite
    Bridge: Hipshot A Style Brass (17mm)

    - Mid Frequency Select switch
    - Series / Parallel / Single Coil switch
    - Active / Passive (Push-Pull)

    * Made by talented luthier Erdem Koca.
    (He currently lives in Istanbul/Turkey but he will move to USA soon)
    You can check his awesome work;
    Erdem Koca Guitars
    Erdem Koca Guitars (@erdemkocaguitars) • Instagram photos and videos

    Koca-bass-1.jpg Koca-bass-2.jpg Koca-bass-3.jpg Koca-bass-4.jpg Koca-bass-5.jpg Koca-bass-6.jpg Koca-bass-7.jpg
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    That is beautiful! The thumbs don't blow up to full size - might be worth editing the post to include full size photos for something as sexy as least for a couple of the main shots.

    The woods are amazing and I love the sandwich look. I also like that you have reverse P - in my opinion, it's the one thing Leo got wrong.

    I have not tried it, but have heard that Delano makes one of the best sounding MM pickups out there.
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  3. It's strange cause thumbs work in my browser but here are the full size photos :) And yes i think reverse P is better ;)

    Koca-bass-1.jpg Koca-bass-2.jpg Koca-bass-3.jpg Koca-bass-4.jpg Koca-bass-5.jpg Koca-bass-6.jpg Koca-bass-7.jpg

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