my project? will it work?

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  1. e p

    e p

    Sep 7, 2004
    so ive got a couple questions concerning a possible project.

    Im thinking about buying a p body and p neck from warmoth, with the bridge and other hardware too. what I want though is a darkstar in the middle (normal p postition) and a seymour duncan basslines 1/4 jazz at the bridge. I will order the passive darkstar and the 1/4 pounder is passive as well.

    Now bearing in mind I have little knowledge about how electronics and such work, how would I go about making this work? I would just like a tone knob for each pickup as well as a blend and master volume. or volume/volume tone/tone, etc. whatever i need, you guys get the jist. now if I send this off to a local luthier will he need anymore parts than the given pups? i would think not, but just want to double check.

    Oh and I forgot--will the pole pieces of the jazz not hit the strings, as they are going to be spaced out on a p neck

    thanks fellas
  2. you'd wire it up just like you would a jazz bass...I'd suggest you go Volume/blend/tone...but you can go volume/volume tone/tone, as well. Dark star pickups would also require a pickup ring...

    here's what you need....

    pickup (DS)
    pickup ring (DS)
    pickup (jazz)
    copper shielding tape (or conductive paint)
    caps (two required for tone/tone, one for single tone)
    pickguard screws
    neck join screws
    neck join plate
    strap buttons or straplocks (your choice)

    I think I covered everything...
  3. e p

    e p

    Sep 7, 2004
    wow thank you sir.

    one quick thing though: I thought with passive basses that one must keep vol/vol instead of blend?
  4. no...a blend control is simply a stacked potentiometer (pot) that works by increasing the volume of one pickup while decreasing the other, and visa the center position, both pickups are nearly full on, because of the taper of the pots ("taper" is the relationship between the amount of turn and the actual resistance that the pot gives out).
  5. e p

    e p

    Sep 7, 2004
    oh ok. so could I use a 2 stacked pots w/ vol/tone on each so as to save space? perhaps im not getting you here..

    something along the lines of:


  6. not exactly...those are concentric pots...and are turned separately for things like you said (tone/volume) or often used for things like (bass/treble) on active EQ basses...

    stacked pots are two pots that are moved in tandem (single control)...blend pots work by the one pot increasing volume of the one pickup while simultaneously decreasing volume on the other pickup (and visa versa).