NBA Month 1

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  1. Hey all!

    After a month of games, the situation is quite surprising!
    Everybody was looking for the Heat at the eastern conference, and who's n°1? Yep Detroit Pistons! They're playing really well, they kept the Larry Brown's dynamic, by adding a more offensive face under Flip Saunders.
    Then the Heat, who are playing well despite of Shaq's absence, should be even better when he'll be back.
    And after these two, Indiana, which were expected at that place and the surprising Cavs! Everybody was wondering if Lebron could make playoffs this year (finally?). It seems he have the team for, but the season is long and many things can happen.
    Milwaukee too, who are playing really well and seems to have the team to make playoffs too. Let's see!
    Finally the Bulls, who needs to play better and the Magic.

    For the Western Conference, Firts position San Antonio Spurs who are not yet playing the right way, between injuries and introducing new players, they'll need some times more to play the right way! Tony Parker is strong and doiong big solid games for them! (All Star? I think so.....)
    Second! Who can believe that?? The LA Clippers!! And it's truth, I think THE biggest surprise of the start of the season, but they're playing great and for the first time, making shadow to the Lakers.
    Then we have Minnesota, Memphis and Dallas, three teams playing well actually, even if Minnesota have a bit a bad time and KG's transfer rumors won't help. Watch out of Dallas at the end of the season and during Playoffs, I see them strong....
    An other surprise of the West Conf, Golden State Warriors, they're playing great under Baron Davis, and it seems they have the team to be back in may's rush!
    Phoenix, pllaying great and a pretty good defense (Phoenix D! huh??), without their leader Amare Stoudemire, I think they'll be a big contender at west conf when he'll be back and that's a great pleasure as a French, to see Boris Diaw playing that way for them after two bad years at Hawks!
    And Finally, NO Hornets at the last spot, I wish them to succeed for that mission, that would be great after what they encountered....

    Deceptions of the start of the season, New Jersey and Washington for the eastern conf, everybody was expecting these teams high in the rankings, nope, something's doing wrong.
    Denver, Houston, LA Lakers, Utah.
    Everybody was expecting Denver aside Spurs at the top of western conf, nope. Houston was expected to be higher, thanks to the duo T Mac/Yao and not at all, the D is not here yet....
    With Phil "Master Zen" Jackson at the head of Lakers, most people believed they would do Playoffs! It's all about Kobe Actually...I don't think they'll get it. people will perhaps go to Staples Center for playoffs for an other team in LA! ;)
    Utah due to Kirilenko's injury is doing less good than it was scheduled, a coming back is possible if they manage not to lose too much games!

    Here is my thoughts! What do you all think?
    It's only the start of the season and at the end of December, positions will be clearer. It's an amazing season so far! :hyper:

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    I'm definitely not giving up on the Rockets but man...what a disappointing start. Then again the Astros had a disappointing start too so we'll see.

    brad cook
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    I won't give up either, but it is disappointing to watch the ESPN sports ticker and see another Rockets loss.

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    It's funny that when all is said and done it still looks like San Antonio and Detroit! I'm not sold on Miami, because I'm not convinced Shaq can stay healthy. Also, they gave up some very good three point shooters (Damon Jones-Eddie Jones) for some very poor ones (Jason Williams-Antoine Walker). Who will make you pay for collapsing on Shaq? And who can Jason Williams guard? Indiana is the real deal but I still think Detroit has a far superior backcourt. Tinsley (When healthy?) still can't guard Billups and I don't think they've replaced Reggie Miller yet. They look surprisingly inconsistent early, and I think that is a characteristic of lack of leadership in the backcourt. Cleveland Reminds me of the Bull's before they put it together, also as good as King James is, he is still not half the defender as MJ was in his prime.

    In the West, too me it's San Antonio and everyone else. The key will be Phoenix and how well Stodumire recovers. Houston badly needs a dirty work hustle rebounder/defender. Dallas will be tough until Dirk has to guard a quality forward in the playoffs. He's to slow to guard a three, and not physical enough to stop a good four. Shawn Marion destroyed him last year. Ironically the team Dallas matches up best against is probably San Antonio, but can they get to them? Barring Major injury the finals will be Detroit and San Antonio and the team with Home court will win.
  5. I agree with all.....:smug:
    Just, I'm curious of the result at East if Shaq Stay healthy....
    I still think Miami made the baddest moves of the you....!


  6. +1

    I think when it's all said and done they'll sneak into the playoffs.
  7. Sincerely, I have doubts!
    T Mac is back and an other loss yesterday....Time will tell!

  8. I miss Karl Malone and THE Utah Jazz! (Malone, Stockton, Hornacek, etc.!) :crying:
  9. I miss the Chicago Bulls!! :)