NBD 1967 Sunburst Starfire II

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  1. Thought I should share some pics of my new bass. Its a beauty. 1967 Guild Starfire II (maple sunburst). Its in relatively good condition. Some dings, scratches and finish cracking (which can really only be seen with the light at certain angles). Blemishes and all this baby is gorgeous.

    The good
    All original electronics
    Two original BiSonic pickups with extra magnets from Rick Turner
    The rosewood grain on the neck is beautiful. Neck is in good shape.
    Even has the sticker of the store from where it was originally sold

    The bad
    A real nasty headstock break. It happened some two decades ago, and wasn't fixed professionally. But has remained stable since the previous owner purchased it the 1990's. So hopefully it will remain that way. Though it should be noted that without the bad break, this bass would be out of my budget, so all's well.

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  3. Templar

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    Wow, that's a nice one. I see what you mean about the rosewood...super nice. Congrats.

    You could have the neck re-repaired for a few hundred bucks, would be undetectable.
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    Born Again Tubey
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    Wow. Nice, nice score.
  6. Thanks guys
  7. ukulelelab


    Apr 14, 2013
    Congratulations. The figuring on that fingerboard is gorgeous
  8. Back to Bassics

    Back to Bassics

    Feb 16, 2014
    That's very cool. Enjoy.
  9. ejaggers

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    Wow that's "Bad Tatha Bone"!!!

    I have been GAS'n so hard for another hollowbody bass, but a Starfire is out of my budget too. I am so jealous!!!

  10. SirMjac28

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    Congrats that board is gorgeous Guilds are just so well made.
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    Jul 14, 2009
    WOW this is a beauty
  12. thanks guys.
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    As Malcolm Merriweather in "The Andy Griffith Show" would say:

    "She`s a right Bobby Dazzler!!" :eek:

    Beautiful bass,bro!