NBD 1990 Squier precision bass made in India

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    Aug 4, 2018
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    scored this bass off shopgoodwill.com for $75 ($110 with shipping). Took a chance and so glad I did. The original pictures by goodwill made it look like the nut was gone and there were possible dents and scratches throughout the body. Well, it cleaned up beautifully and lots of marks came off with a bit of elbow grease. Also, the nut was there. Lots of details on this bass make it interesting; The square string tree, the black nut and the white pickup covers. It’s super heavy. I haven’t weighed it but it’s definitely around 12 lbs. Cedar body. the resonance is unreal. So far I’ve adjusted the intonation, sanded down the gloss on the neck to a satin finish and made some new knobs out of polymer clay. I’m loving it. Anyone else have one out there?
    A7ECE521-E2C9-4B80-AE0A-CB801863C7BB.jpeg 7DF08FB1-9C67-4ABB-9C8C-55191165E53B.jpeg 068244D9-1555-45DA-A18B-B3A7B72BB83F.jpeg AB056374-E5F6-4F2A-8641-BB9C0125F2A0.jpeg 716A9BC3-0A71-4EC6-BCEF-42B82132087C.jpeg ED0CB6DB-C88B-4B01-9FF8-B2051F8AA703.jpeg A7F856E0-0298-4FC4-93E7-088F95535938.jpeg 3A07DDAA-3389-43A4-B8B2-0D17FEB2A818.jpeg 2B5E29B2-AAEC-4F30-B45B-9C20DA12DBFF.jpeg A8045528-655E-4B26-9796-DCCC9F56F52C.jpeg D1707AC6-7FF6-43FB-90A0-9E901979A65F.jpeg 32CEA503-6C4D-4BD7-B74C-9A132F1D7716.jpeg 55A76C4C-7BAA-4831-BF8D-3EE38066E62E.jpeg

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  2. This dude only paid $40 ;)


    Nice basses though. They can be heavy, but I'm not sure they're cedar... Some kind of mango wood maybe?
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    Jan 28, 2009
    Wow India. I would put an “na, USA” after “India”. Just for fun.
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    May 7, 2015
    Mine doesn’t say Made in India though! But it’s the same bass

    I recently put a new bone nut on it and it’s my new favorite bass!
    These are really solid and great players, if a bit heavy, mine is 10 pounds
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