NBD: g&l l2500 tribute

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  1. rogypop


    Jan 10, 2009
    Ok, not quite nbd, i have giged it for the first time last week and took it to about 10 reharshals.
    Bought it used off the evil bay for quite reasonable price, for you living in US it would be considered a ripoff but us guys living in EU dont have much choice :-/

    So far I more than like it, its made in Indonesia but build quality is on par with MIJ fenders.
    Beautiful blueburst w/ maple neck, wood grain on maple fingerboard is stunning. Rock solid 6 screw bolt on neck, very good tuners, GREAT bridge, pots and switches feel solid and of a high
    quality, no scratching, clicking etc. Weight is in 8.5 lbs ballpark.
    Neck is a baseball bat but my hands are baseball gloves so i dont mind. After playing this beast my marcus miller jazz feels like a pencil :)

    I have noticed just a single design flaw so far and thats a massive bridge held down with just two screws!
    The problem could be solved quite cheaply by just screwing the bridge through the body using holes made for string-through loading. I wouldnt be using top loading otherwise.

    And now the best part, The Tone! :)
    Pickups on this axe are something special indeed. They are hot, gnarly and snarly. Growl for days :)
    I use d'addario pro steels which are very bright and agressive strings so I play in passive mode almost exclusively.
    This axe takes time getting to know it, its definitely a knob fiddler's bass and i dont mind it because i'm one of them :)
    The pickups are so hot so the tone controls, even passive, should be considered like active ones. With everything dimed it can be overhelming. Setting the pickups in parallel and tone controls halfway should be the starting point. That way you just add or substract what you need or dont.

    The tone which works best for my blues rock band is neck pu solo in series, bass halfway and treble at 80%, passive. Great p bass tone with more 'balls', its got a perfect ratio of pump and punch, so you can be felt AND heard in the loud band at the same time.
    In my other prog rock/metal band i play it with pick, both pu's in parallel with tone ctrls almost dimed,
    hey purists dont shoot me but i get some VERY Wal-ish Justin Canchellors, Geddy Lee tones out of it, really makes me grin :)
    Both pu's in series make for a great gutsy fingerstyle tone, just slays through the mix and makes my jazz bass sound thin and gutless. This is probably the best setting for rock.
    I play through hartke lh500 and diy 15/6 cab, this setup is quite limited eq-wise so having knobs n' switches on board comes handy :)

    In many reviews i have read that g&l l2k series cop many basses, i would have to agree, but not individually, they sound like many basses at the same time! For example, neck pu soloed sounds p-ish in mid mids and upper bass while high mids and treble sound stingray-ish. Both in pa 001.JPG rallel sound like a cross between stingray and jazz but having all their strong sides and none of their weak ones, especially when the g string is considered ;-)

    All in all, this bass will not replace any of my other axes but will certainly make them collect more dust than usually :)
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  2. wrench45us


    Aug 26, 2011
    I was under the impression (apparently wrong) that Tributes didn't have the string through bridge option.

    If you search you will find a couple of threads that detail the mod for using the string through holes for installing screws into threaded collars that will relieve any concern you have about the anchoring of the bridge and if you follow the instructions and parts list, it can look like it was designed with that in mind.

    My setup guy took a slightly less aesthetic path for that mod on my M2500, but I have since procured the proper threaded collars for the more professional look and will get to it someday. And the more he researched it the less concerned he was about 'only two screws' as there's a large plate portion of the bridge you don't see that goes into the body quite a ways at 90 degrees to the body that anchors the tension.
  3. rogypop


    Jan 10, 2009
    I dont mind stringing through at all so will just keep it as is :)
  4. Congrats on the bass! I also bought one new off ebay and just got it the other day - indonesian-built blue burst with a rosewood board. Real comfy neck and I was surprised that it wasn't heavy. It has 5 screws on the bridge. G&L probably read about the issues regarding the 2 screw bridges and fixed it.
    Good bass to go along with my JB-2 tribby.
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  5. rogypop


    Jan 10, 2009
    I'm thinking about sb-2 tribby to go along my l2.5k tribby :)
  6. Raman


    Feb 19, 2003
    Montreal, Qc
    Nice little review sogypop. I bought one myself this summer and I agree with your impressions. I've always played lighter basses (except for a Rick 4001) and I really like the massive sustain on the L2500. That thing just can't stop vibrating! And those pups!!! I'm very happy with my purchase.

    From what I've read, G&L is stopping the string through body feature on all their fivers. All new basses will be tops only.
  7. sii.pepenk


    Jun 3, 2010
    got some videos sample of G&L tribute series i've ever had, check this out