NBD Sterling StingRay 34HH for hardware swap

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    May 21, 2020
    F2E38FFD-88D7-4082-9F56-F1D035077457.jpeg F2E38FFD-88D7-4082-9F56-F1D035077457.jpeg Took advantage of Guitar Center’s sale on the RAY34HH and got them to throw an additional discount on it to cover tax and couldn’t help but grab it for its black hardware. Plan to swap the hardware with my SBMM Olympic White short scale and probably resell it unless after playing on it I fall in love.

    first impressions?

    awesome the build quality is top notch and the fit and finish might even beat my SBMM Olympic White short scale and I was impressed by it. Small complaints the back panel is missing a screw but I’m sure customer service can replace that easy enough.

    Extremely impressed by the roasted maple neck on this model. Really close in feel to my US shortie with roasted maple.

    fret work looks solid and it sharp frets I could feel. Neck appears to be straight. Too late tonight for me to plug her in but it feels great.

    If I wasn’t so converted to short scale I might find it hard to justify reselling this bad boy. The matte black finish is BEAUTIFUL.

    If I had to nit pick and find something to complain about? Hmmm probably the rosewood fretboard. I like darker pieces of rosewood. This one is a little light for my liking especially on a “stealth bass” it’s also a slightly splotchy piece. I think if they had thrown ebony on it like I believe they do on the US or even all maple would have been top notch.

    the neck is just wow. I’ve gotten used to the smaller radius on the shorty but this still feels fast.

    that being said can’t wait to pull and swap the hardware this week!

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