Need a Luthier or E.T. In the greater Houston area!

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  1. Ok guys not sure this is even the right forum. Debated on the Luthiers Corner & also the Hardware Repair forum but my problem is the electronics so here I am. Mods feel free to move if need be.

    I just got new pickups and preamp in the mail and so I ever so carefully installed everything. This was my first time doing this and I had to learn how to solder first on some junk computer parts etc. seemed pretty easy thanks to reading stickies and threads on TB! Anyway I tested everything with a multimeter before I hooked up batteries and everything seemed good.

    Long story short: no sound out of either amp... I really have no idea what the problem is. I followed the wiring diagram exactly. Unless I'm using the multimeter wrong, it shows all the wires and connections are good. Very possible I'm missing something obvious though. First time ever using a multimeter too.

    I'd rather figure this out on my own as its been a good learning experience so far but I need a playable bass especially since my other one is tore apart in the middle of a refinish job! I'm pretty sure I want to avoid GC so if there's someone in the greater Houston area I can bring it to that would be great! I'd prefer not to have to ship it somewhere but if that's my only option I can do that.

    Can y'all recommend me anyone? Google hasnt been much help.
    Thanks guys!
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    To add to this, this is a set of my pickups and an EMG BQC. I supplied Jason with the blend and volume pots wired to the BQC, so all that needed to be done was wire up the pickups to the blend.

    Jason added a second battery clip.

    One thing to look for is a short to ground somewhere. Try unplugging the cable from the blend to the preamp, and measure the resistance between the two connections. Set the blend in the center. If you get zero, then that would indicate a short. Also make sure those connections are plugged in the right way, incase they got switched. One of them goes in backwards.

    Jason, I do check all the pickups before they ship, but I did not test the EMG preamp, since it was new. But I think this is a wiring problem.
  3. Ok thanks for the advise David. I'll definitely do what you suggested when I get home. I'll keep you updated!

    Btw, I just want to say doing business with David at SGD Lutherie was a great experience! He communicated with me frequently and answered all my newbie questions with patience.

    In the event I can't get my bass electronics working- anyone know a luthier or electronics tech in the Houston area?
  4. OK I fixed it! Thanks David! You were right, it was grounding out. The preamp circuit board was touching the copper shielding. I pulled out all the electronics and put down some duct tape in the cavity. Worked like a charm. My bass sounds awesome now!

    BTW, I highly recommend the ND3-Neo's from SGD Lutherie for anyone thinking about upgrading! They sound absolutely killer!

    Jason :bassist:
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    I always love a happy ending. :bassist: