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Need Help with EUB for 17 year old daughter

Discussion in 'Electric Upright Basses (EUB's) [DB]' started by rntomom, Jun 12, 2012.

  1. rntomom


    Mar 4, 2011
    My daughter needs a true EUB for an upcoming tour to Europe. She is currently out of the country, in Bulgaria, on a tour with the Youth Symphony and will be back for 18 hours before leaving for another music tour to Western Europe. They gave her a Zeta "bass" to use on this next tour, but the bridge is not arched enough to bow. I am trying to buy a true EUB for her. She would like a Yamaha and there a few used ones that I am able to find online. There is an NST4 available in Denver. I am unable to find out more specifics, like a model name or number. I know that there are many models that range significantly in price.
    My daughter wants to play bass professionally in an orchestra, and has a 130-year old bass at home. Which of these 2 would be the most like a "real" bass, complete with "bowability-?". I know the word is arco, but I don't know how to use it in a sentence! I just play piano.
    What strings would I want to have put on it? Do they plug into just any amp or would I need some multi-size adapter?
    I have just 8 days to figure this out and get it right, so I thank you in advance for any and all opinions and help. Please keep the terminology simple as I am totally ignorant regarding details like pickup, electric stuff etc.!
    Anyone in Colorado have one for sale or want to rent us one for 3 weeks?
    Thank you again
  2. I would rather go with the Yamaha. Closer in feel to a double bass than your other option. To find the best solution 8 days are far too less, but the construction of the Yamaha makes sense. For travelling there are a lot of things important beyond playing.

    No idea on the strings, but probably the same as on the acoustic bass.
    I don't have experience with the electronics of these basses. Basically they plug to any amp but some piezo pickups deliver a better signal if plugged into a buffer/preamp. The FDeck HPF-Pre is good and cheap and Francis usually delivers really fast. Your daughter might not need it but in case it helps for a better sound. (It is never wrong to own a HPF-Pre.)

    Renting an EUB would be a good idea to have more time with your daughter to find the best solution to buy, but will get you a suboptimal instrument for the tour.
    Let her find the right instrument, she knows what she needs and wants (hopefully).
    You can only look around where to go with her to check the instruments.

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