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  1. At the moment Im making do with a squier precision. I went to try out a few basses with no price range in mind. Tried everything from sadowsky j/p, to stingrays, sterlings, A second hand Rick, but I have boiled it down to three. They happen to be all fenders.
    They are;
    51P Bass Reissue (sunburst/maple)

    American Std Jazz (sunburst/maple)

    Highway one Jazz (honey blonde/rosewood).

    I play eveything from electronic/dance-rock (think new order, goose, the rapture) right through to heavier grunge (nirvana, queens of the stone age sound etc) and need a bass to cover most styles. I never really slap, but use funk lines built from dorian and mixolydian.

    Im leaning towards the Amercian std as it has better parts and a smoother feeling neck. The 51 reissue surprised me, but may be too one dimensional, and the highway one seemed to be the best value for money.

    Can anyone give me their thoughts/opinions, which one will be better overall and last me the longest (Im looking for a keeper, a solid bass I will always return to).
  2. ganga

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    Jul 14, 2005
    You couldn't go wrong with any of these basses.

    But you seem to add out the 51P already yourself because of the lack of versatility, so let's just remove that completely.

    Personally I would get the American Std Jazz. If you find one in a store that is really good in your hands, go for it right away - no questions asked! :) You will be happy about getting a well built bass that will last you a long time. I have a love/hate relationship to my Fender. I feel like it's not good enough, but when I go out and try new basses I always long for my own Fender. It's quite weird actually! :D

    The highways are what you say, value for money. Since this isn't your first bass and if you can afford the American std you will be happy about this for a long time.
  3. hyp.spec


    May 14, 2006
    Fraser, MI
    IF you're gonna go American, make sure to get the '08 models, they are SUPERB and you won't be let down.

    I vote for American Jazz
  4. gmstudio99

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    Mar 11, 2000
    Cleveland, OH
    American Jazz +1
  5. '08 American Standard without a doubt.
  6. superfunk47


    Sep 9, 2007
    American Jazz. No question. If you can afford it over the other two, it's worth the difference in price. Well worth it.
  7. wdinc01


    Nov 19, 2005
    Jacksonville, FL
    Mind if I ask where you are or what store you went to? Because I've never seen a Sadowsky, let alone touch one.
  8. Yeah man. Im in ballarat, Australia, its about an hour west of Melbourne. I went to shop in melbourne called Bass centre. All they do is Bass. They had about 4 sadowsky's there. A p/j and couple of j's. The guy in there told me they have to order them, and then they get made, but that takes about 4 months.

    The only thing they didn't have was brand new 08 Rickenbacker, they guy said they have been ordering them for 4 years and a luck to get 6 or so a year. The last rick they got was an 07 and it sold within 2 weeks.