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  1. shorty4life


    Dec 22, 2013
    Hi everyone. So I'm new here, and somewhere i read that i need to post a picture of my bass. I've had number of nice basses in the past which have all been sold (a Stringray 5, a Spector 4, a number of 4 string "metal-sticks"), but this one was my first (and currently my only) bass. I believe it might be a Kramer DMZ 4000. Bought it roughly 27yrs ago for $150 and I'll probably have it as long as I walk this earth. It's ugly. It's heavy. Balance is terrible. Action is high because I ripped the frets out with a screwdriver at 3AM when i was 17, and then had to fill the "ebonol" fingerboard with some nasty epoxy compound to be resurfaced as a fretless. the pups were upgraded (i forget to which brand, but i swapped them into the original tan cases). and i slapped a Ken Smith bridge on it too. It's a beast. But i love it anyway ;)

    **Image Shack is having issues. But i will be back to post this thing later!**
  2. Gotta keep your first bass. I am just not entirely convinced you have it.
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    Welcome! Yes,there's an unwritten rule here..No pic =No bass ;)..and kudos for holding on to your first,looking forward to the pics!
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    Welcome aboard! :cool:

    Yes, we are quite visually oriented here... ;)
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    Welcome that bass sounds very interesting.