New King's X album coming!!!

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    May 10, 2018
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    King’s X have recorded 17 tracks for their long-awaited new album

    ...& a book is already out...

    Offbeat Rock Trailblazers King’s X Get a Book Worthy of Their Unique Saga

    ...&, & apparently a documentary is in the works!

    KING'S X Is Working On 'Amazing' Documentary: It 'Really Shows Who We Are And What We've Been Through'

    These guys are in my top 3, all-time, & I'm excited! Saw dUg perform with Satch & Kenny Aronoff @ the "Experience Hendrix" tour a couple days ago...dude's STILL got it, at 69 years old!

    ...ain't no flies on Chris Layton either, BTW! :jawdrop:
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